PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear Neighbors:

The Brick area has been host to 15 students in the month of July and August over the past 9 years. Since last year was such a success and 
the families and students have bonded so well, we have decided that this is the best place for another group. Unfortunately, we are now in 
a position to tap into the residents (who have always come out to help) and once again ask for your help in this desperate situation. As you 
can imagine the students are anxiously awaiting news of their host families. Seven placements have already been made, there are 9 students 
who still need host families.

Kris Harris, who has been involved in this program for 13 years, is currently working hard to ensure that host families for this group of 
exchange students are secured. Brick Township and the surrounding area has so much to offer to the 15 Students from Spain who are arriving 
on June 29 and staying until July 27. We are hustling to reassure Spanish parents that their children will have homes and the security of 
knowing that they will be well cared for. While we know that July is a busy month in Brick and the surrounding area, with sports starting 
up, which means running to practice, please know that these students are looking forward to spending 28 days in homes sharing everything, 
even if it means running back and forth to practice for our children.

Host families come in all shapes and sizes, including
- families with small children - couples of all ages
- single parents - families where both adults work

What does it take to qualify as a host family?
A willingness to share yourself and our culture, willingness to provide meals, some transportation, a place for the student to sleep (sharing 
a room is okay with the same gender student) and a warm supportive environment.

What does one gain from the experience?
Warm memories, unforgettable experiences, increased understanding of another culture, a rich appreciation for cultural & individual 
uniqueness, enjoyment in making new friends and more than words can describe.

Students will have English classes in the mornings and will be busy most days. They have half day activities after classes one afternoon per 
week and a full day trip one day per week. Many activities are planned and host family members are encouraged to participate on these trips. Some of the trips will include New York City (two trips), the Seaside Heights and Six Flags as well as a variety of half-day activities. Your students will be busy during the week and free to spend time with your family in the evenings and on weekends.

We cannot think of a better place for a visitor to spend a few weeks than with our neighbors.

If you would like to offer your hospitality or wish to just find out more about what hosting entails, please call Kris at 
732-814-7519 or email @ spanishstudentsnj@gmail.com. 

Won’t you please call for information today?

Warm regards,


The program is being sponsored by Global Friendships whose mission is to bring the people of the world together to create peace and understanding one friendship 
at a time.


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