Animal Licenses Must be Renewed by Jan. 31

Livingston Dog Park Passes are also on sale this month.

The beginning of the new year means that it’s time for Livingston residents to update their pets’ licenses.

Once a year, pet owners must license their pet with the town’s health department, according to Livingston Health Officer Louis Anello.  This week, more than 1,300 computerized animal license applications were mailed to Livingston animal owners.  Pets must be licensed by Jan. 31.

Owners who receive their application will have all the information preprinted on the licensing form.  The owner should verify the information and return all copies of the license and any necessary documentation needed to process the application. Directions are pre-printed on the backside of the application and can also be downloaded from the township website.

One of the key components for obtaining a license is that dogs must be vaccinated for rabies.  Owners must provide proof that their dog has been immunized, or is currently immunized for at least ten months of the current licensed year.  This means that any dog whose immunization expires before October 31, 2013 must be revaccinated before a license is issued.

Only dogs who are currently licensed will receive their application in the mail. An animal owner who does not receive an application can obtain the forms at the Livingston Health Department.

New Jersey law requires an additional fee of $500 for any dog who is not spayed or neutered.  Proof that the dog has been spayed or neutered must accompany the application when the dog is first licensed or when a dog is relicensed after a spaying or neutering operation.  Once this proof is on file at the Health Department, no further documentation needs to be submitted for the life of the dog.

The license fee for a non-neutered or non-spayed dog is $20.  A license for a neutered or spayed dog cost $15.  There will also be a $5 late fee for owners who obtain a license after March 1.  The same fee structure applies to cat licenses.

Passes to the Livingston Dog Park can also be obtained with the licensing application.  The cost of a Livingston Dog Park Pass is $10 for Livingston residents and $20 for non-residents.

The license is also available for cat owners.  Unlicensed cats may be subject to removal from a resident's property, if not properly identified.  Residents who license their cats need to provide proper identification and eliminate concerns for feral cat habitats.

wetochwink January 02, 2013 at 01:14 PM
Why reference this article that residents must license their PETS when this only pertains to dog owners? Livingston has a feral cat problem and cat owners are not required to get licenses. If cats were licensed, this would help the township know cats on our streets are feral or not. Meanwhile resident property gets damaged by these cats, family dogs scuffle with them, mulch beds used as litter boxes and children in neighborhoods want to play with them. Our animal control officer cant take in any more cats and Mt Pleasant Animal Shelter is full as well. I'm hoping the Township Council remembers to look into this problem this year as its already been brought to their attention.
Scott Egelberg January 02, 2013 at 01:22 PM
My mistake, the cat portion didn't copy over from my word document to the article. It has been added.


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