Elvis Heats Up the Senior Center While Residents Cool Down

Location serves as a cooling center for the township

Even in the air conditiong of the Howell Senior Center, the temperature was raised several degrees on Friday morning when the king of rock and roll made an appearance. 

Close to 100 residents braved the heat to see Elvis perform as a chance to not only take a trip back in time, but also enjoy some good music with their friends and neighbors. 

Carol Zur, the Director of Senior Services said she was glad to see such a big turnout at an event that has been popular since it was first announced. "He's here and people are thrilled," she said. Zur said on a day like Friday when many residents have the option to stay in their own houses, it was important for them to go out and be with other people. "It gives people a chance to socialize, get out of their houses, have some fun and make some memories," she said.

And while there were some cancellations, considering the temperature soared into the triple digits, Zur said it was a tribute to Elvis' popularity that more people did not elect to skip the event. "I think having entertainment means a lot to them. I also think getting out of the house and knowing that it's cool here and there are other people here means a lot,' she said. 

With the center catering mostly to the elderly population of the township, Zur said in the extreme heat, residents of all ages can take advantage of the facility as one of the township's designated cooling centers. With plenty of room, plenty of parking and air conditioning, she said it only makes sense for them to be one of the places residents can go if they need a place to cool down. 

Not only does the center help senior citizens that come to their building, but Zur said they also help those residents who cannot make the trip to the Town Hall location. The department keeps a record of homebound residents and will check on those citizens in situations like stretches of extreme heat. The volunteers of the Meals on Wheels program run by the department will also use their trips to check on those residents in need.

For more information on the programs and services offered at the building call 732-938-4500 ext. 2250.


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