Howell High Student Gets Rockette Experience

Show to broadcast on Sunday

Over the years countless girls have dreamed of someday joining the legendary Rockettes and dancing on the stage of Radio City Music Hall.

One student got the chance to see what that life would be like and will be featured on an upcoming episode of MSG Varsity's "The Rockettes Summer Intensive." The episode featuring Amanda Krohn will be broadcast on Sunday night at 9 p.m.

Krohn will be featured along with five other dancers who will see if they have what it takes to be selected to join the dance group's summer camp. The show will feature not only their auditions but also life back at home from their schools to the dance studios and other locations according to the network. 

Michael Lardner, the networks Senior Vice President and Executive Producer said the show gives viewers an inside look at the whole process. "While auditions are a major part of the Rockettes Summer Intensive, we wanted to also give viewers the opportunity to get a more behind-the-scenes look at these dancers' everyday lives," he said. "By meeting their families and friends, our audience will really be able to appreciate how much support it takes for these girls to achieve their dream of dancing alongside the Rockettes."

As part of the program Krohn is competing to get a chance to work with not only study under the Rockettes and work with their director and choreographers but also see the other demands the members go through. Since the program started in 2001 47 participants have gotten the chance to join the group.


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