Local Scouts Selling Plants to Help With Holiday Decorations

Plant sale helps raise money for various functions

If you drive down Route 9 this weekend, it will be almost impossible to miss them. There are signs at various spots along the busy roadway both ways promoting a plant sale.

Seeing the boys of Boy Scout Troop 258, energetically waving their signs, encouraging all the passersby to get a decoration for the weekend, it is almost impossible not to stop. According to Scout Master Tom Smith, the sale has been going on for more than a decade, being held before Easter and Mother's Day.

Smith said the money raised goes towards helping to fund the troop's scouting trips. It pays for everything from food, to equipment to any of the fees associated with traveling to the various locations. 

This weekend the sale is being held at the old Southard School, Aldridge School, Arby's and Prince of Peace. The scouts will be out selling their colorful wares Friday through Sunday for the Easter weekend, and Saturday and Sunday once Mother's day rolls around. 

Smith said the boys are providing a service while also learning valuable lessons. "The boys help carry the plans to the cars, they make up the signs and all the money goes back to the troop," he said. "They understand they have to work a little bit to help support the troop. They learn about selling and they learn about pricing."

Although the parent volunteers, and not the scouts themselves handle the money, Smith said they still see what goes into a successful sale. "They understand how to set the price and what the flowers are used for," he said. "What they really get out of it is helping them buy supplies for the trips that they go on."

And while rain is in the forecast for much of the weekend, Smith said the troop is still hopeful for a good experience. "The community has been very very good to us," he said.

As for the weather, Smith said with a laugh that adds an "interesting," element to the annual tradition. "One day you'll have sun like today which is not so bad. But tomorrow I understand should be interesting times. It seems like the community always comes out to support us in the hail and the rain. It seems like they maybe take pity on us."

Flowers and plants of all shapes, sizes and colors are available at all four locations through Easter Sunday this weekend.

Christa Rice April 22, 2011 at 05:36 PM
Thanks for the great article. Just for the record, this is Troop 258 in Howell. Go 258!
Adam Hochron April 22, 2011 at 05:47 PM
Hi Christa, Thanks for writing. I fixed the article. Sorry for the Confusion, Adam


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