Plenty of Meetings in Howell This Week

Zoning, council and planning all set to meet

Monday morning in Howell certainly had the feeling of a chilly fall day, but it looks like there will be plenty of heat in Town Hall this week. 

There are three big meetings on the schedule, starting with the zoning board meeting tonight, the council meeting tomorrow and a planning board meeting on Thursday. All that will make for just part of a busy week around town. 

The zoning board meeting, which is scheduled to start at 8 p.m. tonight has a busy agenda with one focal application to be heard. The Hungry Puppy, a popular establishment for pet supplies is looking to and is seeking several variances for a multi-stage project. If all the stages are approved, the small structure on Route 33 will grow to several times its current size. 

One of the highlights of the council meeting figures to be a presentation by the Manasquan River Regional Sewerage Authority (MRRSA). There have been questions raised at meetings in the past about the rates the association charges so the council figures to look for answers to those questions at the meeting.

There are also two items on the agenda relating to the township's move from their current location on Preventorium Rd. to the Global Complex on Route 9. The first is a resolution hiring Wayne Allan Neville as an architect to work on bringing the Global building to the standards the township requires for its use. Neville is the same architect who, back in , presented the township with three options on how to proceed with its handling of the town hall question. Neville's contract is supposed to be for no more than $53 thousand. 

In addition to that resolution, there is another relating to the building which will fund the operations of the building for the remainder of the year. With some companies currently using the building as tenants, the funding will help pay to keep the building operational and pay for the maintenance of the building as well. The emergency appropriation is for $114,500. The resolution says that three percent of the "total operations in the budget for the year" is just over $1.3 million. The resolution also says that the appropriation will be paid for in the 2012 budget. 

As of Monday morning, the agenda for Thursday's planning board meeting had not yet been posted. 

There are also plenty of other things to do this week including a full slate of Howell High School athletic competitions culminating with a rare Thursday night football game at Middletown North. With Yom Kippur starting on Friday night, the Rebels will have one less day to prepare and bounce back from their tough to Middletown South on Saturday. 

The is scheduled to hold a blood drive on Wednesday night at 6 p.m. at their Adelphia Road building and will hold its back to school night that day as well. Then, on Friday starting at 2 p.m. will hold a Digital Fingerprinting event for children of the township. More information about the event can be found . 


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