Popcorn Park's Princess Picks 2013 Super Bowl Winner

Will Princess the Camel's prediction put the Ravens over the hump?

Princess the Camel of Popcorn Park Zoo has a thing for underdog stories.

As a football pick prognosticator, Princess has predicted the Baltimore Ravens will come out on top in Super Bowl XLVII.

“She thought about it for a while,” said John Bergmann, general manager of Popcorn Park.

Princess, who has been prognosticating for the past seven years, has the uncanny ability to predict the outcome of games.

This season she is 11-6, having missed several weeks due to Popcorn Park’s involvement in rescuing animals after Hurricane Sandy.

For Super Bowls, Princess’ record is 7-1. The last few Super Bowls, she has gone with underdogs, Bergmann said.

Princess makes her decisions based on graham crackers, Bergman said. Each week, Bergmann writes the names of two teams competing and holds a graham cracker, Princess’ favorite snack, in each hand. Princess then chooses to eat the treat from the hand with the name of her favorite team written on it.

“We’re all rooting for her,” he said. “She chose the Ravens so we’ll be rooting for them." 

Princess is 26 years old and arrived at Popcorn Park nine years ago after her owner passed away and a caretaker retired to another state. The Associated Humane Societies brought her to Popcorn Park and it has been her home ever since.

Popcorn Park Zoo was established in 1977 and provides a refuge for wildlife, exotic and domestic animals that are sick, elderly, abandoned, abused or injured. The zoo houses more than 200 animals and birds.


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