Second-Place Finish On Jeopardy! For Wall Resident

Craig Chern fulfills dream of being on quiz show and gets second place too

He beat out thousands of hopefuls to secure a spot on the nationally televised game show Jeopardy!, but Wall resident Craig Chern could not topple the champion on Wednesday night’s show.


The show was recorded in August, following two rounds of cuts and a lottery system that put Churn on a plane to Los Angeles to compete in the game show he has watched for years.

Last night, Chern was in Clark to watch the show with his parents.

“Obviously I wished I could have done better, but I had a great time anyway,’’ Chern said in a phone interview Wednesday.

Chern ended the show with $7,000, beating one contestant but trailing the champion by a wide margin. He was the only contestant to get the final Jeopardy! question correct.

After the first round, things looked bleak for Chern, who ended with no money on the board. He started the second round and came out with a couple of good answers and looked as though he was turning thing around. But a couple of incorrect responses set him back again.

Later in the round Chern found a stride, but it was too late to catch up.

“It’s all about timing,’’ Chern said. “Getting used to the signal device is difficult. Once you get that, it’s okay.’’

Chern — who came home with a small amount of money for taking second place, along with a Jeopardy! hat — said he’s enjoyed his brief celebrity.

“Now I know why they say texting is so dangerous,’’ he said. “I got about a thousand texts tonight.’’


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