Adelphia School's Realized Dream Helps Stock Food Pantry's Shelves

Incredible community effort helps township's residents

Think of all the cans you have in your pantry. Is it in the single digits? Maybe you have a dozen cans. By the time Saturday morning was done the students, staff and community of the had collected more than 10 thousand cans to be given to the Howell Food Pantry. 

Even before the staff and administrators started camping out at the school they had already reached . As the night went on thanks to the help of donations from the community they reached what she called her "dream," of five digits worth of cans and other non-perishable items. 

Making the dream come true was not easy and took a little extra time during the event. In an email sent out by the school at 10:30 p.m. on Friday night they were still 1500 cans shy of their magic number. By 5:30 Saturday morning a second email said they had reached their goal with 10,002 cans. "This could not have been possible without everyone's help," the email said. "We are all proud to have been proud of such a worthy cause."

The cans and other items will now be brought to the Howell Food Pantry to help the stock their shelves which had reached near record low levels. 


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