Throngs In Wall Disturbed By Nighttime Boom!

If you heard an explosion-like sound late Monday night, you're not alone, although no one seems to know what it was

Widespread reports of a loud, explosion-like sound came from all corners of Wall Township Monday night, with residents reporting that the ferocity of the sound shook houses and frayed nerves.

Sometime after 10 p.m., dozens of residents from Camp Evans, West Belmar, Route 34, Sea Girt Estates and from as far away as Spring Lake Heights and the Ramtown section of Howell reported hearing a loud boom breaking up the night’s quiet.

But police who investigated one such claim found nothing and early Tuesday morning were unable to provide an explanation. No power was out in the area and patrols throughout town found no logical reason for the sound.

“Right now it’s just an unexplained sound,’’ said Sgt. Mike Tozer.

Residents from all over reported hearing the sound to the Wall Patch Facebook page. Some reported hearing two explosion-like sounds, about five minutes apart.

Explanations ranged from possible to silly, as one resident posited the possibility of marauding bands of winter-break-bored teens tossing minor explosives out of traveling cars. Another jokingly wondered if North Korea had just conducted a nuclear test.

Abe February 12, 2013 at 05:39 PM
I heard it last night in the Sea Girt Estates section. To me it sounded like the loud bang you would hear when a truck drops a container or a truck picking up or dropping off large garbage containers at sites. Seemed to come from the area of route 35.


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