This is why the Monmouth County Republican Freeholders wouldn’t tell us if they received any money from Birdsall- because they did!

It was reported today that all of the current Ocean and Monmouth (Republican) county Freeholders received money from the indicted Birdsall organization. The records show that Monmouth politicians got over $66 thousand dollars and Birdsall received over $4 million in contracts.

In Birdsall’s home of Monmouth County the Freeholders (Arnone, DiMaso, Burry, Curley, and Rich) received $18,200 from 2008 to early 2012. In addition Sheriff Shaun Golden, Clerk Claire French, and various Monmouth Republican organizations received Birdsall funds. Arnone and DiMaso also received donations when serving as municipal officials.

Sources said that donors understood the message to be ‘if you want to work, you better pay up’. And a Birdsall executive admitted that these illegal donations were given to "curry favor" with officials and "gain a competitive advantage" and that they "regularly won contracts" for the company. One article on the subject said that “(s)ecret donations flowed every year like free wine from Birdsall.”

For example “(i)n November 2011, at a fundraiser hosted by Birdsall, the company wrote Monmouth County Freeholders Gary Rich Sr. and Lillian Burry corporate checks for $300 each, then gave Burry another $1,200 and Rich $900 in secret checks.”

And while critics and campaign experts have said that the Birdsall money should be given back, some politicians are responding that the money has already been spent.   

 Interestingly, Birdsall also gave substantial donations to Manalapan Committeeman and former Mayor Andrew Lucas who was involved in a recent controversy along with the Freeholders. The Freeholders awarded Lucas over $1 million for some land preservation rights. That transaction was widely and highly criticized.

In November the voters’ broom will sweep clean the Freeholder/Birdsall mess.    

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anonymous June 25, 2013 at 09:32 PM
So Mr. John Sierchio, a police officer and Christie appointee to the Police and Firemans Pension System (PFRS)--a man in the know--is making baseless accusations??? Puhleeze, Democrats are wrong for accepting money as are Republicans in the Birdsall matter. I'm sure if their treasurer's reports were subpoenaed, it would indicate that those mailing in the contributions worked at Birdsall. That was the quid pro quo to getting county and municipal contracts. And it was wrong!! For both parties. And you sir, are wrong for not demanding an investigation. Hey, if she (Guadagno) is not guilty of fraud, she would be exonerated. But first you have to have an investigation period! Serious accusations are being made. When you were mayor, you would launch an investigation into serious matters of police misconduct---wouldn't you????
Tired Taxpayer June 25, 2013 at 11:37 PM
oh my....you politicians are all the same...Republican...Democrat...doesn't matter... Mr. DiBella...Are you seriously trying to tell me that a successful multi-million dollar business such as Birdsall would throw it all away and contribute millions of dollars through their employees without any expectation that there is some sort of quid pro quo? They were just so generous that they didn't want any recognition for their millions of dollars worth of contributions? If you truly believe that all political parties involved were without any fault, then I also think you have been in exile too long. Then again after Walsh degraded you as Mayor and you turned around and nominated him for Freeholder I guess I shouldn't expect too much. Party ties are more important to you then self worth. Mr. Froelich...your determination to represent all the problems within New Jersey without given us your solution on how you would resolve it seems pointless. Trust me, the taxpayers of New Jersey know where the problems are, playing to your base is pointless, you already have their votes. You need to come out of your comfort zone and realize it will take more then partisan politics to win the race. We the voters....we just want to hear what your solutions are, we already know what the problems are. So until you realize that there is more then your left wing base, you will continue to get the same people voting that will not win you any elections. Anonymous...I hate to say this but your not completely wrong on your last post..(not sure how many anonymouses there are posting)....stop throwing the republicans under the bus and realize this is a dual party problem and you may find that you will have more people agreeing with you. The problems with government today isn't Democrat or Republican...it's all politicians in general. Anyone comfortable in there position will push the line. It's up to the voters to stay deligent and know when we are being played.
Tired Taxpayer June 26, 2013 at 12:03 AM
Hello Patch...are you scanning posts?? I just wrote a whole post and posted and it does not show.
Stop the insanity June 26, 2013 at 05:04 PM
Mr. Froelich, Since it’s been established that No candidate has committed any wrongdoing, either Republican or Democrat (both parties received contributions) and in this case the wrongdoers within the company are being held accountable by the judicial system, the question to you now is; Do you support campaign finance reform? What kind of reform would you propose? What are you telling the Democratic County Chairman regarding raising funds for democratic candidates like yourself? How do you plan on funding your campaign? Do you condone the unlimited cash flowing in from the mandatory dues "donations" from the public unions to the Democratic Party? You have been silent on your campaign platform. Perhaps this might be a good start for you.
anonymous June 27, 2013 at 08:06 AM
Hey Stop, I like to interject here. Your correct, neither candidate broke the law--they were just very generous recipients of the wrong doing of others--which, in my opinion makes that very unethical. The candidates had to know, based on campaign sheets the donors fill out, who they are employed by, and their respective profession within the organization they are employed by. Didn't this raise red flags? The recipients had to know Birdsall was skirting the election laws. More sadly, when candidate Froelich asked them about this, they refused to be candid about this. I am for full disclosure, truthfulness, and transparency. If these candidates can't be that--perhaps it's time to show them the door.


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