Chamber President Encouraged by Growth

Sees new buildings as good sign for the town's economy

After several years of tough economic times here in Howell, President Cory Wingerter said he sees things turning around for the township. 

In a message to chamber members in their newsletter Wingerter, who owns , said he has seen growth all over town. "There is much happening in Howell, most of which you can see driving up and down the Highway 9 corridor," he said. 

That growth includes one section of Route 9 which is seeing development on both sides of the street. Near Sunnyside Rd. on the northbound side Wingerter points to a space currently under development which will have a total of 220 rental units. Of those, he said, 60 will be affordable housing units. The site will also include spaces for retail companies to use as well. 

Just across the street Howell Plaza is under renovations which will not only liven up shopping center but will also bring in new tenants Wingerter said. 

Even established companies in town are adding to their business including which is getting ready to which will bring a seafood restaurant to town. 

Wingerter also pointed to the old WaWa near Woolley's and the bus depot which is in the process of being developed into a as proof that growth is happening all along the corridor. 

In addition to commercial growth Wingerter also pointed to several residential properties which are being built around town. That includes a development on Strickland Blvd. which he said will have 46 condo units and a single family development near Our House Tavern on Route 524. 

For more information on the chamber and their activities check out their website.


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