Four Women Start Wellness Business in Fanwood

The Wellness Group is four women devoted to different areas of wellbeing who came together under one roof.

The Wellness Group is a new business that came to Fanwood in August focusing in on four wellbeing and health businesses. The group is made up of four women dedicated to different areas of the wellness profession including food and health counseling, spiritual life coaching/self-care/journaling, massage therapy and psychology.

Sharon Goldner is a certified health counselor and Professional Chef who originally had her business "Recipe for a Healthy Life," set up in Westfield where she currently lives.  

Goldner found that the space above Fanwood Cleaner's was available and decided to find additional members in similar fields to join her in the suite.

Laura Madrigano was just starting out her business "Nourish My Spirit," when Goldner approached her about joining the suite.

Madrigano said it was divine timing and she jumped on the opportunity. She also suggested the massage therapist she was using, Elizabeth Shults, as a possible third client. 

Madrigano is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and holds both Journaling and Self-Care workshops as the Fanwood office.

Many of the services of "Nourish my Spirit" are free, while others come with a small fee. Her next journaling workshop will take place on Nov. 28, which you can find more about here.

After approaching Shults, she agreed to occupy one of the rooms of the suite. The Wellness Group suite has four rooms for each of the women, as well as a kitchen area and restroom.

Both Goldner and Madrigano said they enjoyed having an office with other professionals.

"When we talk about synergy, it's about supporting each other as professionals and friends," Goldner said.

Madrigano said it's nice to have other professionals around to bounce ideas off and go over business ideas.

"We put our heads together making it productive and enjoyable," Madrigano said.

Right now the group holds Glutten-Free meet ups in their space. The next meet up will take place on Dec. 12, which will be a holiday themed gluten-free cookie exchange.

Goldner said they would like to take advantage of the space they have and host additional events and speakers.

Since the beginning of her business, Madrigano has gotten several clients from Fanwood and Scotch Plains, as well as surrounding towns.

Goldner has kept many of Westfield clients, but also gathered some newcomers since the move to Fanwood. 

She is a certified health counselor who works to assist men and women who want to lose weight and gain more energy. Her specialization is clients with food allergies or gluten intolerance, Goldner herself is sensitive to many foods and used to suffer from fatigue due to her diet.

Goldner also holds grocery store tours for 15 dollars a person, the next event will be on Dec. 13 at Stop & Shop in Watchung.

During the grocery tours, Goldner brings a group around the store to show them healthier options from what they currently purchase, new healthy snack and meal ideas and assistance buying food when suffering from food allergies.

The fourth member of The Wellness Group is Francine Conway, a licensed pyschologist. Conway is an author of numerous articles on psychotherapy and pyschological wellbeing. 

"Right now Fanwood doesn't have anything like this," Goldner said.

You can find combined posts from the four women on the group's blog, http://fanwoodwellness.wordpress.com.


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