Ivy League Satisfies Customers Without Emptying Wallets

Local landmark continues tradition of high quality products at a fair price

For close to three decades drivers heading north on Route 9 have known there is a destination on the road that they can bring their families to or just go to see a familiar face. 

The has been just that spot and Tom Jaspan, the restaurant's general manager said that has been a point of pride for the establishment. 

Jaspan said in addition to the family atmosphere, the Ivy League is known for the high quality of food they provide not only in the restaurant section but also in the popular bar area. Not only does the bar serve a variety of drinks for almost any taste, they also have a fully working grill for the customers. "A lot of people like sitting at the bar and watching their steaks get cooked," he said. 

Not only do the bartenders know how to make a great tasting steak, Jaspan said with so many returning customers they know how to make their steaks even before they put in their order. 

Some restaurants closer to the shore might see a drop off in customers during the winter months but Jaspan said even this far out there is a pretty steady flow of customers. It is those repeat customers as well as the new ones that find their way in that Jaspan said helps keep the restaurant successful even after all these years.

He said whether it is your first time going or your hundredth you will get the level of product every time. "We pride ourselves on the quality of the food," he said. Whether it is the soups made from scratch, the hand packed burgers or the fresh seafood, Jaspan said customers know whatever they order will be something they will enjoy.

With the restaurant on one side and the bar on the other, he said customers can come in and get two different experiences depending on where they sit. On the weekends the bar also features live entertainment, but Jaspan said even that is designed to not interfere with the overall dining experience. "We don't do bands, we just do mainly duos and trios so it's not overly loud." he said. Most weeks the entertainment is brought in on Saturday nights though it is sometimes moved to Friday. 

Being so close to not only the Jersey Shore, but also other well-travelled roads like Route 195 and also on the way to Freehold Raceway Mall, Jaspan said people know the Ivy League is a good place to go. "You get a draw from a lot of different places," he said. "It's a tradition that has been here for so long I think people recognize the name and they know the place."

March is a busy month for the Ivy League with not only specials for but are also a place to watch all the March Madness that is the NCAA Tournament. "March is a good month. It's a fun month," he said. 

For more information on the Ivy League check out their website or their Facebook page


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