JCP&L Offers Customers Payment Plan Options In Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

In addition to payment plan arrangements there is a 'promise to pay' extension of up to 10 days beyond the due date printed on the latest statement

JCP&L has recently revised its payment plan options for customers who may need help paying their electric bills in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

“Hurricane Sandy was a devastating storm and continues to be a financial hardship for many of our customers,” said Ronald Green, vice president of FirstEnergy.

Payment plans can be more flexible than the current installment plan arrangements and revised plans will remain in effect through March 15, 2013.

“Whether it be lengthening the payback period or reducing the down payment amount, our goal is to tailor the payment plan options to better assist customers in the hardest hit areas,” Green said.

The revised payment plan arrangements for JCP&L customers are:

  • Customers can make an initial payment of up to 25 percent of the outstanding balance, and can arrange a budget installment plan to pay off the remaining balance over 12 months.
  • If a customer is unable to fulfill the initial payment plan due to continued financial hardship, a second plan can be established requiring a payment of up to 25 percent of the balance. Also, a six-month installment plan can be implemented instead of the current three-month plan.

For customers in New Jersey who might need a few additional days to pay their bill, a “promise to pay” extension of up to 10 days beyond the due date printed on the statement can be granted by calling customer service at 1-800-662-3115. For this option to be granted, a customer must have made a payment within the past three months and must not have broken a previous “promise to pay” within the past three months.

Some customers who lost electric service due to Hurricane Sandy are receiving estimated bills. Customers with questions regarding their bill can call 1-800-662-3115. To submit a meter reading online click here.


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