POLL: Would Meadowlands Casino Kill Atlantic City?

'No one here wants to do any damage to Atlantic City,' said one Essex County Assemblyman. 'We don’t want to destroy an industry. They can do that themselves.'

Some members of a state panel discussing the future of casinos in New Jersey said Thursday that the time is right to pass a bill that would consider building casinos in Northern New Jersey.

Assemblyman Ralph Caputo (R-Essex) said that while struggling casino executives in Atlantic City are expecting state assistance, it was up to lawmakers to look honestly at bringing a casino to Bergen County, according to The Daily Journal.

“No one here wants to do any damage to Atlantic City,” Caputo said. “We don’t want to destroy an industry. They can do that themselves.”

Caputo’s bill would authorize a 13-member panel to examine the issue and report back within a year, the Journal reported.

Such expansion proposals have been “hotly opposed by South Jersey lawmakers who fear it would destroy the already-struggling Atlantic City casino market,” according to the Journal.

One Atlantic County rep asked the Tourism and Gaming Committee to hold off on the inquiry, while a Bergen County rep said the time is right to consider expansion.

Caputo expects the assembly gaming committee to vote on his bill within a month, the Journal reported.

The bill is sponsored by Caputo, Sheila OliverJohn Burzichelli, Valerie Vainieri HuttleVincent Prieto, and Ronald Dancer.

Bill Scott February 22, 2014 at 02:55 AM
Atlantic City itself killed Atlantic City with its outrageous crime rate, the shootings, the stabbings, street crimes, the inability to clean up the streets. "Siren City" would be a good name for AC. The sound of Police and Ambulance sirens are non stop. Ride down Pacific and Atlantic Aves day or night, they are a mess. People constantly walk out in front of you, J-Walking, crossing against the traffic lights and they give you an attitude as they do it. The other day I saw a guy urinating on a wall on Atlantic Ave in broad day light. At night the Prostitutes with their Pimps clutter the Streets in particular mid-city along the Pacific Ave corridor. Then there's the "Street People" just hanging out. They seem to have nothing to do or now where to go they linger all day and into the night along both Streets. Then you have the honky tonk businesses, massage parlors, junk stores, the run down motels, rooming houses. Many of the local merchant with their junk stores stretching from the inlet to Ventnor. None of which help the City image. Thank Goodness for "the Walk." It's a breath of fresh air in the middle of a tired, run down City. Atlantic City itself with its corruption, crooked politics, greed and lack of Character did itself in. There seems to be no City Pride or very little. To the visitors, Atlantic City outside the Casino's is a run down City which seems to be getting worse not better. Atlantic City missed the window of opportunity. Now, the Atlantic City Casino Industry is choking to death and bleeding the Tax Payers as it chokes. The Atlantic Club failure, the Trop before that, sold and bought at fire sale price. The Revel, another classic example of failure. How much tax money did the Revel get to build? They have been on the verge of bankruptcy since it opened. There doesn't seem to be any remedy at hand. To begin with, the City and its residents need to clean up and take back their Streets. Atlantic City needs to get rid of the undesirables who create the City's problems and spoil what's left of the City's image. If you want to bring people and solid commerce back into Atlantic City that needs to be the priority task. Until that happens, Atlantic City will remain broken.
Marynary February 22, 2014 at 11:08 AM
Well said Bill Scott
Susan Tokash February 22, 2014 at 12:58 PM
when your spending your hard earned dollars the least they can do it let you park for free. No where in Las Vegas do you pay to park!
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