Shop and Dine Event in Scotch Plains and Fanwood to Help Local Businesses

From Nov. 24 to Dec. 8, the Scotch Plains and Fanwood Business and Professional Associations are sponsoring a "Shop & Dine" event to help local businesses recover from their losses during Hurricane Sandy.

As many Scotch Plains and Fanwood residents took to social media throughout Sandy, one resident realized the usefulness of Facebook and Twitter to and help local businesses who had to shut their doors during the power outages. Starting Saturday, Nov. 24 to Dec. 8, SPF businesses will run various promotions and events as they participate in the "Shop & Dine" event.

Amy Boroff came up with the idea to bring local businesses some business following Sandy and the Fanwood and Scotch Plains Business and Professional Associations immediately jumped on the idea and got things moving.

Boroff commented on a Facebook page created by a local Scotch Plains James Hannon, titled "Scotch Plains - Fanwood Shop & Dine," about the idea after seeing how much people used Facebook to communicate during the storm.

After creating the group, both the Scotch Plains and Fanwood Business and Professional AssociationsPpresidents Lisa Mohn and Tracy Constandi reached out to Scotch Plains and Fanwood businesses to see if they would be interested.

Mohn said that Constandi has worked very hard to put together the event, as well as Jeff Stein who has coordinated all the promitional items.

Boroff also called on Stein for being able to get the word out and produce the materials in such a short time.

"I was very excited to hear how open both towns' communities and associations were." Boroff said.  "After one meeting they worked out all the details and launched in a little over one week!"

Boroff added that she immediately had support from both associations as well as Mayor Mahr's office.

A gift bag and informational flyer will be provided to the first 300 shoppers at either Apple Blossom Flower Shop in Scotch Plains or Frank's Auto Repair in Fanwood.

One Fanwood local business, Enchantments, already announced a buy one get one 50 percent off promotion for Christmas ornaments. Enchantments also announced on Facebook theta they will be adding additional specials daily.

President of the Scotch Plains Business and Professional Association Lisa Mohn said, “The members agreed that we need to work together to help the local businesses that are such an integral part of our communities.”

Boroff said the business reacted very positive when approached about the idea.

Shoppers will also be entered to win gift cards based on the amount they spend. For example, for every $100, you will be entered into a raffle for $250 gift card, for every $250 or more spent you'll be entered for a $500 gift card and any ticket that has less then $100 will be entered into different gift raffles.

Over 20 members of the business and professional associations are working together to make the "Shop & Dine" event a success. 

All Scotch Plains and Fanwood businesses are able to participate, regardless of being Business and Professional Association members.

 "I've always thought it would be nice to highlight all of the businesses in both towns," Boroff said. "It [the Shop&Dine event] seemed like a perfect opportunity to bring awareness and resources to the businesses in our community while shopping local."

Check back with scotchplains.patch.com for more information on great deals around town. Happy shopping!

Barney Oldfield December 01, 2012 at 02:40 PM
I see you spamming our local blog, you jerk.
Barney Oldfield December 01, 2012 at 02:43 PM
This is exactly the crap that killing small business. Thanks for spamming our local news with your crap.
JEFF STEIN December 01, 2012 at 03:35 PM
Additional insight; The stories that we would hear and see were pulling at everyone's heartstrings. So, about 15 wonderful and caring people, who are members of the Scotch Plains Business and Professional Association and the Fanwood Business and Professional Association, joined together and brainstormed in one evening... coming up with the idea of a "Holiday Shopping Spree" event - to encourage our residents to shop local and help our valued merchants. My company Incentives USA, Inc. took the ideas that were discussed and went right to work on them. We had very little time to make this a reality... just a few days, and so, I spent countless hours, over the entire weekend, molding and shaping these ideas, developing the event, creating the brand identity, ultimately telling the brand story .... Personally, this really meant a great deal to me, and so, we were more than happy to pay it forward. See and share this link below for additional info and to help get the word out about this event. We need your help, folks, to make this a success. Thanks! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=390536021022755&set=t.1195789284&type=3&theater
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