How Much Caffeine Is REALLY in That Energy Drink?

Too much caffeine can be bad for both adults and children

First these drinks were appealing to the fatigued adults whose lives exhausted them, or who worked night shifts. Then the focus turned to children. From college kids who were adding alcohol to these energy drinks as part of their partying ways, to even younger who felt it was part of a fad and a good alternative to soda. That is when the trouble really began.

First, studies have revelealed that there is no accurate way at this time to determine EXACTLY how much caffeine you are consuming in these drinks. Some do not even have it listed on the labeling, while others have an amount listed, but when tested, actually contained MUCH higher percentages of caffeine then disclosed.

The FDA already has reported 5 deaths due to energy drinks. Caffeine can cause nervousness, restlessness and insomnia. It can even cause seizures and abnormal heart rhythms.

A healthy adult should have NO MORE than 400 mg of caffeine per day.

A pregnant woman should have NO MORE than 200 mg per day.

A child should have NO MORE than 45 - 85 mg per day, depending on their weight.

An average 8 oz cup of coffe can have about 60 mg of caffeine in it. Again, it depends on the TYPE of coffee. That same size cup of stronger coffee, such as Starbucks, can have 120 mg. It is important to CALCULATE your intake of caffeine and ESPECIALLY that of your children!

The most popular energy drink, Red Bull, has 83 mg of caffeine in one can. Another popular item, 5 hr Energy - Extra Strength has 242 mg!

Sometimes people can have bad reactions as well from too much caffeine all at one time into the body. It can be a very serious health hazard drinking too much caffeine.

Please be sure to pay attention to ALL that you drink and eat as MANY things contain caffeine. Here are just a few: Tea, diet and regular soda, candy and chocolate bars, energy bars, and hot chocolate. Keep in mind as well that certain pain relievers ALSO carry caffeine in them which will add to your daily intake as well!

While caffeine in moderation is not a bad thing, in excess it can cause you difficulty sleeping, concentrating, race your heart and even more severe health problems. These are health issues that children especially do NOT need, so please monitor their caffeine consumption for safety and opimal health.  

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