Five Things You May Not Have Known You Can Recycle

There is more to recycling than just newspapers and cans and bottles

By this point most people know that when it comes to recycling, things like newspapers, magazines, cans and bottles can be recycled. But at the Howell Township Recycling Center, there are other more modern things that can be more effectively disposed of rather than just leaving them on the curb. Below is a list of five of them. 

1. VCRs and DVD Players- Do you still have that old VCR sitting in your entertainment unit? Have you not used it since Disney classics like the Little Mermaid and Aladdin came out the first time around? It might be time to say goodbye to the classic piece of equipment and focus on something in more of a disc shape.

And if you have a DVD player and have updated to a  blu ray player this is a way to make more room for that and your new collection of movies. 

2. Speaking of making more room, if you have upgraded your television to a flat screen, high-def, 3-D screen, then you might not need the big 27 inch box sitting in your basement. Sure your kids might marvel at how big it is and wonder what all the extra room is for, but you can show them pictures of that and the old black and white TV you grew up with on the internet.

3. The Howell Recycling Center will also take that old computer off your hands that is doing nothing more than collecting dust on your floor. If you can fit all the memory on your old computer onto your new one several times over, it is probably time to leave the unit behind for the newer streamlined model. 

4. If you have a camera sitting around somewhere that still uses film, and you have no idea where to go to get a new roll, then the Howell Recycling Center might be just the place to say goodbye to the 110 film using piece of outdated technology. If your camera still needs a flash cube, it is probably a sign that there is something better to take your pictures with anyway.

5. When was the last time you sent or received a fax from something other than one of those all in one machines that also prints, scans and copies? If you still have one of those machines with the phone attached, and you have no idea what to do with it, the Howell Recycling Center is happy to take it off your hands. They will also take that old copy machine you might have around the office. 

For more on the recycling center and the items they take, go to the Township's website


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