Howell Administration Monitoring Hurricane Sandy

Final track of the storm still to be established

By this weekend the track of Hurricane Sandy should be clear and the potential damage to the area should be more well known. 

In an email from Mayor Robert Walsh and the council the administration is keeping an eye on the storm and what it could mean for the township. "The Manager's office will be in contact with our representative from JCP&L and other emergency management agencies on Friday and will provide messages as warranted," the email said. 

Residents are encouraged to take certain precautions in advance of the storm's arrival including stocking up on items like food and water and other basic necessities "to last the recommended three days."

The National Weather Service is also continuing to monitor the storm as it moves past Cuba and makes its way closer to the east coast. The Northeast could start to feel the affects of the storm Monday into Tuesday according to the latest projections but rain could start to fall this weekend before the storm's arrival in the area. 


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