St. Veronica's Eucharistic Adoration

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Come and see.  As Jesus passed by John the Baptist proclaimed "Behold the Lamb of God!"  His disciples hearing this followed after Jesus.  Jesus turned to them and asked the two disciples of John following behind Him what they wanted.  They asked where Jesus was staying.  Jesus invited them by saying "Come and see."


Jesus proclaimed "I am the bread of Life" and when He instituted the Holy Eucharist He said "this is MY BODY this is MY BLOOD."  Come and see.  Come spend time with the Lord in silence in the company of your peers.


The men of St. Veronica's have been meeting quietly for 4 years in silent adoration of Jesus our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.  Come and join us.

There are no membership fees, no admission fees, no prerequisites.  You do not have to be Catholic or even a Christian to come and sit in silence before the Lord.

Are you worried, sick, tired, happy, sad, grieving, joyful, doubting, full of faith, searching for truth or just curious?  Then come and see.  Lay your cares upon the Lord.  Come and ask Him for help, guidance and, wisdom.  Come and thank Him, praise Him and adore Him.

The lights are dimmed.  The bell rings at 9 sharp signaling the start of prayer time.  The night begins with beautiful hymns written by St. Thomas Aquinas, a short reading from the Holy Gospel and then silence for about 45 minutes allowing you time for contemplative prayer and listening for God to speak to you.  After the silent time we enter into a short intercessory prayer period where the men ask the Lord for help, pray for the sick, suffering and dying and thank Him for all of or blessings.  We then pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet and end with a hymn and prayers for ourselves and America.  Vocal prayer is not required.  No one is singled out.  You can just sit there in peace if you choose to.  It is a very peaceful calm setting.  Come and see.

All men are welcome.  All are invited to fellowship at the Athena Diner afterwards.


Come and see. 



Eddie August 21, 2012 at 06:23 PM
This is a wonderful opportunity for men to get off the couch and away from the TV and meet with other men in prayer. There are no saints there, only men striving to live good lives, take care of their families and contribute to the common good by following the Way, the Truth and the Life - Jesus. You do not have to be Catholic or even a christian to come and spend some silent time in prayer and reflection. Jesus is physically there and He invites everyone to come to Him. Many are called few are chosen. Men so often take the back seat when it comes to leading the family in faith. Take the lead. Nothing is more impressive to a child than seeing his/her father kneeling in prayer before the Lord. That is true strength! The best part about this is that it takes place at night during the week and doesn't take time away from the family. It is a time to refresh, reboot and reconnect. Everyone of the guys that comes Thursday night report that that time before the Lord in prayer is the most important time of the week for them. Transform your life. Come and see.


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