Howell Boy Makes Cyber Bullying for the Dogs

Team Bully Dog launched to help others

Cole Duhigg may only be 8 years old and just starting in the third grade at  School, but Duhigg is still doing his part to help others with what has become a growing problem nationwide.

Cole, with the help of his mother Amber and father Joe, who own , was looking for a way to help kids with cyber bullying. He was reading an article with his mom about the topic and decided to do his part to tackle it. "I know why kids keep going on those sites even when kids are mean to them," he said. "They're hoping that one day someone will say something nice to them."

As the mother of a young child Duhigg said she knows it is an important topic for not only students, but their parents as well. "The internet is saturated with anti-bullying websites that offer valid information," she said. "But they all lack the same thing, social media."

Even in elementary school, students know about sites like Facebook with many having cell phones or other electronic devices that can have a direct affect on the children. "A large majority of teens and parents share their lives on social networks for all the world to see. It's time we make social media safe and free of ridicule and judgement," Amber said

Working with his parents Cole started Team Bully Dog which his mom said is meant to "inspire, motivate and mentor in a safe online environment. "We believe it only takes one person to turn the tide," she said. "When you're a leader among your peers you hold all the power. So why not lead the pack."

The Team Bully Dog (TBD) website is made to have many of the same features as other social media sites including profiles, the ability to connect with friends and share pictures, videos and news as well as chat. Amber said local businesses, team organizations and sports groups will be able to "weigh in, mentor, as well as advertise."

She said she was glad her son wanted to be involved in an effort like TBD. "Raising three young boys in this day in age is a challenge," she said. "Providing them with a safe online community is just one of our goals for TBD. Our family believes everyone is given a purpose in life. We believe Team Bully Dog is ours."

For more information about Team Bully Dog check out their website and their Facebook page. 


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