Why I Am Running For State Senator In The Republican Primary by Harold Herskowitz

Harold Herskowitz is Challenging incumbent Senator Robert Singer in the Republican primary June 4th, for his seat in the 30th district

I would like to take a moment to introduce myself to the voters of Howell, Wall, Point Pleasant, Belmar, and all the other Shore communities in the 30th district.

I have been an active member in the Lakewood business community for many years. I am the owner of Toys For Thought, one of the largest specialty toy stores in the country. I created our store from a hundred year old building that was previously being used as a crack house. I have tried to help revitalize Lakewood's crumbling main street, and although it has been a slow transformation, we are making some headway.

A few years back I started to realize that so much of the progress that we could achieve to help our communiites thrive was being thwarted by a group of self serving entrenched politicians. Lakewood began to suffer from explosive growth that is now threatening to damage neighboring townships as well. There were so many important issues not being dealt with, and I decided to challenge the one person that I felt was the foundation of all that was wrong with Lakewood. I ran against Robert Singer for his Township Committee seat. Surprisingly I received 46 percent of the vote, and although I lost in the primary, I was able to scare Singer off from running against (our current Mayor) Isaac Akerman in the primary election.

I never felt that challenging our Entrenched Senator for his 30th district seat would be a viable option until I realized that many of the other towns in our district feel the same way about Singer as Lakewood does. For over twenty years our Senator has worked hard for his donors and corporations, but not for the good of the people. He has been involved in helping builders, and organizations that have hurt the taxpayer, and allowed the explosive growth that threatens our way of life.

I am not accepting any donations from organizations, businesses or special interests and will have no need to cater to their needs. I have a few immediate goals, and will work tirelessly and join other legislators that are trying to enact real significant change. I am not going to blindly say I will try to lower property taxes. I will work hard to find alternate school funding that is both equitable and fair to all that understand that our children need to learn, but not at the expense of taxing our homeowners out of their homes. I will work hard to slow the explosive growth in Lakewood without any regard to crumbling infrastructure in our area. I will address the needs of businesses, as I know all too well the challenges of running a small business. I will strive to bring respectable jobs and manufacturing back to our area without damaging the character of our communities. I look forward to being able to help our idyllic shore towns recover from the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy.

In the future I will be writing more detailed articles about my campaign. I would like to thank the Patch websites for giving me an honest open forum to do so. I also hope to hear from all concerned citizens about what matters most to them.

Respectfully yours

Harold Herskowitz


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Jeff Kramer April 15, 2013 at 04:08 AM
Doing some more research on Harold, I've found him to be the true anti-establishment candidate - a 'tea party' candidate if there ever was one. A Mr. Solomon endorsed him already, and it can be found on Harold's website thelakewoodtimes.com . I can't wait for June 4th! We can finally get a representative of the people, and not just the powerful!
George Murphy April 15, 2013 at 04:56 AM
Aah, yes!
David April 18, 2013 at 07:45 PM
If u only knew the shenanigans this guy has pulled off already and hes not even in office yet! Just another SELF SERVING ambitous bully. Just try and post any anti hershkowitz comments on the lakewood times blog that he controlls. He edits them out. Hope he loses big time
Harold Herskowitz April 19, 2013 at 03:43 AM
Dear David, So glad to see you joined the patch today just to call me self serving. If I am self serving, I can't imagine how you can describe the politicians that control Lakewood and the 30th district. As far as the website that I" control", We always allow critical comments and answer them. Unfortunately the website platform does not allow comments to be edited, so when you post a comment that mentions my wife or children, or has lewd childish remarks, we have to delete the entire comment. If you would like to elaborate on how I have been self serving, without making up stories or twisting facts to the opposite extreme, I will gladly listen.
Jeff Kramer April 21, 2013 at 02:52 AM
Harold, don't let the riffraff get to you!


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