Nasty cupcakes?

Mary returns with cupcakes made with a bad attitude.

About a month ago, I did something that is out of character for me.

I baked.

Specifically, I baked cupcakes.... well kind of. While one of my favorite pastimes is to consume cupcakes, I don't actually bake them. I am not well known for my way around a Kitchen-aid mixer to say the least. But when I saw a Groupon for a cupcake baking class at Butter Lane in the East Village, I couldn't pass it up.

I went solo on this little adventure in hopes that I would strike up some great conversation with new cupcake loving friends. What I encountered, though, was Nasty Nelly and her friend Accomplice Annie. Now let me preface all of this by saying that I admit I am a bit much to handle on some days. In new situations I tend to be overly happy and rambunctious trying to get people to just be ridiculous cause, lets face it folks, it's fun. So I recognize that some people don't appreciate my humor and style. I get that.

But Nelly was just, for lack of a better word, Nasty.

She spent the entire time telling our group of four how she wouldn't do it the way the master pastry chef teaching us would and that what the baker was doing was wrong. She wouldn't engage in conversation with anyone else except for Annie and a smile was out of the question. She just pouted and talked to her friend as if there was no one else there. When I playfully asked "I guess someone's not 100% awake yet?" all I got was a snarl and an awkward laugh from the friend.

Here's my deal... I get that people have a bad day. I get that people have times where there are not Suzzie Sunshine and they just don't want to talk to people. But, as my theater experience taught me, leave your issues at the door. Don't bring that mess in and inflict it on others because, whether you like it or not, your actions have an impact on others. It is very true that one good deed leads to another and the same goes for nasty ones. Because of her nastiness, it made the experience uncomfortable and had an impact on the whole class. While, in the end, most of us made the best of the experience it still wasn't the one that I was hoping for. While she didn't ruin it for me, it definitely affected the experience.

The point of my tale is this, while we have a right to feel cruddy and yucky and have bad days, that right does not extend to be able to put it on other people. I am all about being selfish, but the moment our selfishness impacts negatively on someone else is where it becomes wrong. So next time you feel out of sorts and ready to go off on the next unsuspecting fool that crosses your path, think twice. They probably don't deserve your nastiness and it won't help your cause either. It will only prolong it for you.

At the end of the day, we still have cupcakes, and they make the day a whole lot better.

Be well.

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Rebecca Dohn August 30, 2012 at 06:09 PM
Heck, I would have asked her, who is teaching the class, you or the chef? that might have shut her up, but probably not, but I would have felt better saying something :-)
JERSEY GIRL September 07, 2012 at 04:30 PM
People like that are toxic.. You have to do your best to avoid and ignore them. I think that is the best revenge!


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