Dear Congressman Smith:   As your constituent, I urge you to support expanded background checks for firearms on a federal level. Each day we hear about instances in which illegal guns have been used in violent crime in New Jersey. These firearms were not purchased in our state; they were purchased in states with weak gun laws and then trafficked here. The Garden State needs you to show common sense in dealing with this issue. Just in the last month, we’ve seen tragic consequences affecting both our urban areas and suburban areas. An armed car-jacking just occurred a few weeks ago at the Mall at Short Hills where many of your constituents shop and the victim was born and raised right here in Toms River.  I find it unacceptable, and so should you.   Across our country, eight American children and teens are shot and killed every day in this country. How many more national tragedies before you in Congress act? As an American and as a mother, I urge you to take a stand for families and law enforcement and enact sensible gun laws now. I vote, and I will remember which legislators stood down when our children most needed them to stand up   Hoping for a positive and common sense response from you,  


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