Best Cable Deal in Howell

Dear Howell-ers

My Optimum Cable Triple play was $79 and now it is 220.

I need to find the best deal in town for triple play or a clue to get my Optimum deal down to being affordable.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Larry Diamond May 13, 2014 at 07:09 AM
I also have a problem with Optimum. They would rather give you FREE Starz, Showtime & Encore for 12 months, than find ways to reduce your bill. I have been a customer of Cablevision for 29 years. They don't reduce bills unless you chage type of service you have with them. I tried for 2 years. A few months ago I dropped Optimum TV, all I have now is Optimum Internet & Phone. I now have Directv. So I lost news 12 NJ and create tv. You can still News 12 NJ on line through your computer. Good Luck. Who knows in 2 years maybe I'll come back to Optimum Triple Play, and maybe I'll get a deal for $89.00 a month for 12 months, like new customers get.
LADY J May 28, 2014 at 12:39 AM
Larry & Kristian: We can't win with them! I got increase of $3. a month to pay off their deal with the sports network last year--I have to pay it though I never watch sports. Then it went up another $2. Up,up, up. When you call they say drop something you have..Larry: your deal sounds pretty good. I think I might just do what you did. They have the monopoly here. And no senior discounts really so if you're on a fixed income, you're stuck again!! I also do not want Showtime, etc. for a few months to appease me..do you realize how many times cable goes out over nite when you're asleep? Trust me, it is alot. Being an insomniac I see it much too often!! And, goodness don't try and switch channels around midnite when they advise "No Data Available " and you miss a guest on a show or a news item in the middle and have to guess what was said for 5-25 minutes while your show goes off, suddenly..if anyone has an answer we'd all sure like your help..
Bette Peat May 31, 2014 at 07:54 AM
when you call you have to ask to be put through to cancellations. Once there they will try to work with you . I went from 79 to 200 also and they worked it down to 178 but dropped half my channels. Once at cancellations they got it down to 132 and gave me back the extreme pkg.
LADY J June 02, 2014 at 09:27 PM
Bette: Thx for the info. May give it a try--why put more money in cable's pocket? However, I hate losing some of the channels I do enjoy. Sure would like a senior discount though....


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