Adelphia Fire Department Welcomes its Newest Member

2011 truck replaces nearly 30-year-old vehicle

The Adelphia Fire House on Adelphia Road was the place to be on Saturday night as the department celebrated the arrival of its newest truck.

Representatives from the other fire departments were part of the event as were members of the community as well as volunteers from several neighboring departments. Representatives from towns including Englishtown and Freehold were part of the night that included plenty of food and drinks for everyone in attendance. 

Chief Jason Howlett said the new rig will replace one the department bought back in 1982. After 29 years, Howlett said a lot has changed that should make a big impact in the way the department fights fires throughout their part of the town. He also said he was glad to see such a big turnout on what ended up being a beautiful spring night.

"A lot of time and effort goes into building a truck, so for the guys in on the committee this is something we do," he said about the party.

Among the newest features on the truck are better air conditioning systems, better seat belts for all the firefighters going to fight the fires and a larger pump capacity. Another big difference is the striping on the trucks that will make them more visible to other cars on the road. The new truck also features better lighting that will help the truck to be spotted on night calls and help them to light the scenes of those fires.

While the party was held at the department's main building, the truck will be based at the building on Route 33 across from The Cabin. The plan is for the 1982 truck to be sold, while a twin of that truck will be used as a reserve for the department heading into the future.

All told the Adelphia Fire Company has 62 active members, but Howlett said they are always looking for new members to join their ranks. For more information you can visit the department's website or stop by the house on Wednesday nights between 7 and 9:30 p.m.


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