Adelphia Firefighters Recognized for 2012 Rescue

Council recognizes firefighters for rescue efforts.

Prior to starting their regular agenda on Tuesday Mayor Bill Gotto and the members of the Howell Township Council took time to honor some local first responders for a rescue they performed last year.

The three members, Chief Brian Prochnow, Assistant Chief Robert Tice and Firefighter Shimon Millier were recognized for their efforts in a powerful blaze last year in the Moors Landing community.

Chief Prochnow received a proclamation from Mayor Gotto that described his actions on the day. Prochnow and other members of the department responded to the fire call on December 7, 2012.

After seeing heavy smoke coming from the front of a townhouse and getting confirmation that there was at least one person still on the second floor of the house he conducted a search of the floor where he was met with heavy fire and smoke. With the help of other firefighters Prochnow was able to remove the person from the building.

For his efforts he was awarded the Medal of Valor Award, Class 1 “Extreme Personal Risk” by the Executive Board of the Joint Boards of Fire Commissioners. In the proclamation Mayor Gotto cited Prochnow for “valor and selfless concern for the welfare of a Howell Township Citizen in the face of great danger.

Assistant Chief Tice was also recognized for his service during the fire and joined Chief Prochnow in the search and removal of the occupant from the home. He was also recognized by the fire commissioners for his work with the Medal of Valor for his efforts.

Firefighter Miller also helped with the rescue of the occupant of the home and was also recognized for being one of the members of the department to start a water line into the house before joining the rescue efforts.


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