$500 Howell Best Buy Shopping Trip Nets Brooklyn Men Theft Charges

Charges stem from incident in September 2013.

A pair of Brooklyn residents are facing a three count indictment from the Monmouth County Prosecutors Office after allegedly attempting to buy items from the Howell Best Buy through less than legal means.

Kyle Stamp, 21, and Gerell Haynes, 28,  face one count of third degree theft by deception for attempting to obtain more than $500 worth of merchandise from the Route 9 store on or about Sept. 18, 2013. They also face one count of third degree possession of a incomplete credit cards for having two or more incomplete credit cards with the intent to complete them without the consent of the issuer.

Hayes also faces one count of fourth degree possession of a simulated document at the time, which was identified in the indictment as a document which was falsely purported to be a driver’s license.


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