Cops: Brooklyn Man Bites Loss Prevention Officer During Best Buy Burglary

Charges include resisting arrest and shoplifting.

A Brooklyn resident reportedly came to the Best Buy in Howell last week looking to bring some merchandise back to New York and was ready to fight to do so without paying for the items.

Ashley Mason Jr., 50, faces several charges from an incident at the Route 9 store on January 18. According to court documents at the time of his arrest Mason was found with a “booster bag,” which is used as an anti-shoplifting device. At the time of his arrest Mason was charged with shoplifting for taking a samsung cellular phone from the store valued at $299.99.

When Mason was confronted by loss prevention officers at the store he reportedly bit the person causing “a small laceration,” according to court documents. Mason then reportedly continued to struggle when officers from the Howell Police Department attempted to arrest him before finally being taken into custody.

As a result of his actions Mason faces charges of committing the act of robbery by inflicting bodily injury.

SuzAnne January 26, 2014 at 07:50 AM
Is there no other Best Buy in ALLL of New Jersey that these idiot's can go? To to pull their stupid crap? I mean really.. between the repeat naked man in the parking lot, attempted robberies, clerk smackdowns and now the "biter" I am thinking what's the draw here? A looney beacon or something? A huge Thanks to Howell PD for fast response


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