Small Fire at St. Veronica's Rectory Handled by Southard Department

Oil Heater fan malfunction blamed for fire

On Sunday afternoon the Southard Fire Company was dispatched to a smoke condition at the Rectory of for a possible fire. While there was nothing visible from the outside there was a smell of smoke on the inside of the building.

While responding firefighters used thermal image cameras to check the building, the fire had been controlled by a resident of the rectory using a fire extinguisher. Chief Steve Hadgkiss said the fire occurred between the first and second floors. 

The chief said the cause of the fire appeared to be a malfunction of the electric fan of the oil heater. That caused sparks which caused the fire following the cracks of the second floor.

There were no injuries reported as a result of the fire which is currently under investigation by the Howell Township Fire Bureau.


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