Monmouth Jail Inmate Faces Drug, Conspiracy Charges

Inmate faces 17 drug-related charges.

A Monmouth County Correctional Institution (MCCI) inmate has been charged with nine counts of conspiracy and eight counts of attempted possession with intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance into the MCCI.

On Oct. 26, Long Branch resident Cameron Zuidema, 25, is believed to have conspired with another man to bring Suboxone into MCCI for Zuidema’s use and sale. According to the complaint warrant, Zuidema attempted to possess the Suboxone by having another man mail the drug into the correctional facility.

Prior records from the Monmouth County Sheriff’s office show that Zuidema was admitted into the MCCI on Oct. 3.

Zuidema now faces an additional $170,000 bail for the 17 charges. His original bail from Oct. 3 was $75,000.


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