Still At Large, Off Sandy Hook: Metal Drum Labeled "Radioactive"

The Coast Guard and EPA have seen a fisherman's photographs of the 55-gallon metal drum with yellow label.

View of the water off Sandy Hook, NJ
View of the water off Sandy Hook, NJ
The uncapped 55-gallon metal drum reportedly bobbing in the water off Sandy Hook labeled "radioactive" has not been found, but most likely filled with seawater, said a Coast Guard official.

A fisherman photographed the drum and reported it to Coast Guard officials around Monday at 4:30 p.m. about 8 nautical miles off Sandy Hook. Patch has requested a copy of the photograph, which is described as a standard metal barrel with the word "Radioactive" printed in black on yellow tape, but without the usual skull and crossbones symbol. 

Coast Guard Petty Officer Charles Brookhart was on duty last night and saw two photographs of the drum in the water taken by the fisherman. 

"We're not actively looking for it right now," said Brookhart, stationed at Coast Guard station, Sector New York.  Last night severe weather conditions hampered the search, he said. "We'd basically need another report to relocate it." 

The Coast Guard conferred with the NY/NJ EPA office on the report, said Brookhart. "According to them, if the top was off it and in the water, that most likely means it has seawater in it."  

The EPA Regional Response Center said in an email to Patch, "The US Coast Guard is looking into this and EPA is prepared to assist the Coast Guard, if necessary."

The Coast Guard's pollution response personnel typically locate floating metal drums that contain oil products. "I've actually never seen or heard of anything with a radioactive label on it," said Brookhart.

"I have no idea where it would come from, and it's odd it would be there, in an area where there is boating traffic," said Brookhart. 

William July 15, 2014 at 03:33 PM
Christina the revised up to date post is better then the first one but needs some more editing, I laughed my Butt of with the statement The coast Guard along with The NY & NJ EPA Conferred that if the top was off the drum it was most likely Sea Water, George Carlin would tear that statement apart. You stated 3 photos were provided of the drum by the fishermen that is not a IF the lid was off, Being 3/4 full of Water as previously stated one would expect it to Be SEA Water. I am Just Jesting . Reporters always have Dumb statements when reporting, Example The suspect that was caught shooting and murdering the subject that was shot dead at the Scene of the Crime used a Gun, Get My drift Play on words fro the Mystery Drum, That most likely had a Made in Iran on it.


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