Bruno Awaits FRHSD Election Results

Write-in campaign results expected this week

At Monday's meeting of the Freehold Regional High School District Board of Education Howell representative Bill Bruno was conducting business as usual. 

Three weeks after Election Day Bruno is still awaiting results but preliminary returns from the county show he is leading a group of five possible candidates for the seat. "I know I'm serving until January so in that framework I'm working on what I can control up to that point," he said. 

With a total of 228 votes for him prior to the provisional ballots being counted the county had him leading Evelyn O'Donnell who received 146 votes so far. Other votes were cast for Scott Moses who received 53 votes, Chochise Doucette who received 45 votes and Thomas DiPaolo who received 39 votes. 

Bruno said there were several factors in not putting his name officially on the ballot in November. His responsibilities with the Brick schools have increased since he ran for his current term and he needed to consider that when running for reelection. He said he needed to check with new Superintendent Walter Uszenski before deciding to run again. "By the time he and I conversed it was after the cutoff date," he said.

In the time since the election Bruno said he has been focusing on his main job in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. With families that have lost their homes and students that have been displaced, he said he has been distracted from waiting for the official election results. 

If the election results hold where they are and he is chosen to serve another term Bruno said he looks forward to more opportunities ahead. "I think we have to move the district forward," he said. 

He also said he looks forward to continuing to work with Superintendent Charles Sampson. "I think he's a bright guy and he has a lot of novel ideas and I want to be a part of that," he said. 

The results should be certified in a few days and Bruno said he looks forward to seeing the conclusion. "I've waited this long I can wait a couple more days," he said.


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