Congressional Hearing On 1960s Wall Murder

Helsinki Commission to hear testimony Wednesday in the case of George Wright

The Helsinki Commission, a Congressional commission headed by U.S. Rep. Christopher H. Smith, R-N.J., Wednesday afternoon is scheduled to hold a hearing on international fugitives, using the case of -- the escaped prisoner who was convicted of murdering a Wall gas station attendent in the 1960s and is now living in Portugal.

Among those scheduled to testify at the 2 p.m. hearing on Captiol Hill is Ann Patterson, of Howell, the daughter of Walter Patterson who was killed by a young George Wright at a Wall Township gas station in 1962 during a robbery.

The event will be streamed live here.

near the capital Lisbon last September, ending his four decades on the lam after escaping from a New Jersey prison.

that Wright had become a Portuguese citizen and that, under Portuguese law, the statute of limitations on his 15- to 30-year sentence for the robbery-murder in New Jersey had expired. It consequently refused to send him back to the U.S.

. But the ruling . .

Smith and , but so far Wright is still living in Portugal.

Sofia Soeiro July 12, 2012 at 11:22 AM
This is a sovereign peaceful country and our laws are fair and righteous. A murderer can only serve for 25 years and no more than this. If you Americans think you are the owners of the world , think again! This man has lived peacefully with his family in our country because we were never racist and guns are forbidden to the common citizen. Not even police can kill criminals or they-policemen- will go to jail. So let it go, and forgive! You'll feel much better! Sofia Soeiro-Portuguese proudly citizen.
jerseyswamps July 12, 2012 at 11:53 AM
Is this post for real or a joke? Anyway, our fairness and righteousness is better than yours. Your country is protecting a criminal. A criminal by our laws, international laws and probably by your own laws. He must have lied on documents to enter and stay in your country. Protect him and your country is lawless.
Brenda July 13, 2012 at 12:53 AM
Would you be so quick to forgive Ms. Soeiro if this was your family member that was lost? Walter Patterson is my grandfather who was murdered by a terrorist harboured by your country. I will NEVER let this go!
American Patriot July 13, 2012 at 03:14 AM
To Eric & Sofia: Are both of you morons or do you live under a rock? Seriously this terrorist corwardly murderer spend ALOMST ZERO time in jail. And Sofia we should just forgive and forget. I bet you came to America because you were living in a hut and had no healthcare and decided to come live off the American taxpayer. So why don't you go back to that grass hut in whatever rat infested town you came from and stay there!! Walter Patyerson was a decorated American war hero and Eric to say this is about money tells me you have ZERO patriotism. This man fought for you and I sothat we may enjoy the freedom we now have. So before you get diarrhea of the mouth again, think about that first. Not to mention if it were one of your family members, I am positive that both of you would want justice. I know if it were one of mine I'd want to push the button.
Kevin McQuade November 30, 2012 at 03:01 PM
Wright? Any relation to the " Chickens are Coming Home To Roost " & " I Nver Heard A SINGLE WORD IN 20? YEARS! " CHICAGO STANDARDS WRIGHT'S?


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