Dyer Resigns from Point Beach Council

Now GOP committee will submit three names to council

Point Beach Councilman Jeff Dyer announced at Tuesday night's council meeting that he will resign from council effective Friday.

Dyer said his job is consuming his time and attention six days a week and he does not have enough time to do his council job properly.

Dyer said, "I won't stay in a position if I can't do the work. During the past three to four months, I haven't been able to put the necessary time into council."

After the meeting, Dyer said eight Point Beach members of the Ocean County Republican Committee will submit names of three candidates for the position and council will choose one. He said the committee may have a deadline to submit names in the next 16 days.

When asked if he knew if local Republican Club President Stephen Reid would want the job, Dyer said he had no idea.

"I'm not involved in that," he said.

Reid was narrowly beat by Mayor Vincent Barrella in the election. Republican Andy Cortes lost a council bid, but Republican William Mayer, currently the town's bond counsel, won.

When Dyer was asked after the meeting about how the timing of the announcement appears to validate recent rumors that Dyer would resign after the election, he said, "What rumors? I haven't heard any rumors. I'm working six days a week and my family comes first, including providing for my family. My wife is in favor of my decision."

The announcement was not purposely timed for the first meeting after the election, he said.

"The timing was only because of the process of discussing it with my family and I was hoping certain things would clear up in the business, but that didn't happen," he said.

Dyer has said his company, Shore Mobile Marketing, which sells marketing systems using mobile devices, has had Jenkinson's as a client for a number of months. That has prompted him to recuse himself from votes regarding Jenkinson's, although he has often still opined on those matters.

There have been rumors during the past few months that the owners of Jenkinson's wanted Dyer to be replaced with a pro-Jenkinson's council member, so they would once again have another friendly vote on council, rather than Dyer who always has to recuse himself.

Dyer said on Tuesday night there is absolutely no truth to those rumors and that no representative of Jenkinson's or any of their supporters asked him to leave.

"No one asked me to resign," he said.

Barrella noted that shortly before the announcement, Dyer, along with Councilmen Sean Hennessy and Tim Lurie, had voted against covering the cost of the summer's emergency appropriations for police overtime through bond anticipation notes.

At the July 19 meeting, at the urging of Police Chief Kevin O'Hara, who said his department was grappling with the highest volume of summertime crime in the past 17 years, council voted for extra police. In September, council voted for another $60,000 for police expenditures, for a total of $155,000.

The proposal that was killed Tuesday night would have bonded to cover the cost of those two expenditures, and that bonding would have put the spending "outside the cap," meaning not among the expenditures subject to the state-mandated 2 percent tax levy cap.

Wiliam Mayer, the town's bond counsel, urged the council to pass the measure because that would put the expenditures outside the cap.

Point Beach officials, like those in many municipalities in the state, have found it difficult to budget for necessary expenditures, but still comply with the 2 percent cap.

But only council members Kristine Tooker and Michael Corbally voted yes. Mayor Vincent Barrella only votes if there is a tie.

But he made his opinion clear.

"That's 14 furlough days," he said, meaning that the town will have to impose 14 unpaid days on municipal employees to compensate for the expenditure of $155,000 not being bonded.

After Dyer's resignation, Barrella said, "For someone to vote on something that will cost employees 14 days and the public their safety at 9:10 p.m. and then say that he's leaving at 9:25, is unconscionable."

Barrella told the audience to note that Hennessy and Dyer, both Republicans, ignored Mayer's advice, despite that he has been bond counsel for years.

And Mayer was the GOP's one successful council candidate, Barrella noted after the meeting.

"It's one thing if they don't listen to me," Barrella said after the meeting, "but not listening to Bill! He's their candidate!"

After the meeting, Bret Gordon, who won the other open council seat running with Barrella as an Independent, said to Hennessy and Dyer, "Shame on you guys! Shame on you for what you did to employees!"

"Be more professional," Hennessy told him.

Hennessy later said he believes Gordon should behave more appropriately "now that he's Councilman-elect Gordon."

Hennessy said after the meeting that he voted no because he did not want the police expenditures to drive up taxes.

Hennessy said he never would have voted for the emergency appropriation this past summer if he knew it would be moved outside the cap. He asked the governing body at that same summer meeting if that money would be inside the cap. The council members said yes, he said.

Now, after the election, the same council memebers want to move the money outside the cap, he said.

"It's just another ploy to move money outside the cap and raise taxes," he said.

Dyer also said he had asked if the expenditures would be inside the cap and was told yes.

"I'm not for raising taxes," he said. "Yes, I do believe we needed police overtime, but I don't think we should pay for it outside the cap."

He said Barrella's statement that it will cost employees 14 days is "rhetoric. When you haven't even looked at the next budget, and you don't know how much surplus there is, and you say 14 furlough days, that's just rhetoric."

Hennessy said Reid and Jay Reynolds, Republican municipal chair, will arrange for committee members to meet to submit names of possible replacements.

A Resident November 26, 2011 at 04:21 AM
Ken, if you wish to compare the actions of the United States and the laws/police departments of the US to the German Nazis....well....I can't even begin to debate you on that. I'd never be able to stop laughing long enough to speak.
Spooner November 26, 2011 at 06:01 AM
@A Resident: so to use your logic. . .why did people that live in the Boro involve themselves signing a petition for the Principal of the Antrim School in the Beach. . .was that because he live in the Boro? ...and why in Barrella's law suit contesting the recall group, did he claim that one of the witnesses gathering signatures in the Beach. . .lived in the Boro? ...and as if it matters where police officers live. . .they have one common bond. . .it's called the PBA. . .who by the way did exactly what I argue. . . used neighboring town politics to extract concessions in contract negotiations. . . I think they call it "quid pro guo". . .as the slogan goes: "were only asking for what other towns are paying their officers". . . PS: the "PBA" bought around 300-500 police personnel here one night to a Borough Council meeting at Memorial Middle School. . .now did those officers live in the Boro?
Charles Clark November 26, 2011 at 03:35 PM
This article is about Former councilmen Dyer resigning. He conveniently resigned right after he voted on issues with our town. It is about that he admitted he really did not have the time to be councilmen but continued anyway. Clearly, he never did what was right for the tax paying residents of Point Pleasant Beach! Many residents put the trust in him when they elected him in on the Dias only for him to quit and not do what is right for them. Hopefully we can vote new council members that are truly going do what is right for this town and the residents that live here instead of for themselves.
Ken Hildebrandt November 26, 2011 at 05:32 PM
Once again A Resident missed my point. The Nazis followed orders that harmed innocent people, and that's what people are doing here. If you think it's funny perhaps you should lock yourself up in a cage and then ponder how much worse it would be if there were others who were violent in there with you.
A Resident November 26, 2011 at 05:40 PM
Spooner, none of what you mentioned has anything to do with my "logic". YOU stated "Police officers in your town have involved themselves in Boro politics. . .you want to dispute that" - I simply asked if those officers lived in Point Boro. If they do, then they did nothing wrong, nothing illegal, nothing immoral. You should be happy more Pt Boro residents were getting involved in the local politics. As to your other questions....don't know about the Antrim deal...did those parents send their kids to the school? Barella recall questioning whether one of the circulators lived in the Boro is exactly a valid question...they live in the Boro so why are they involved with who the Beach Mayor is? Local P.B.A.'s are all members of the statewide P.B.A. All local unions support each other in the "Collective bargaining" function....that's why it's called collective. P.B.A. brought 500 members to Memorial School? Really?


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