Galloway Council Expresses Frustration With Lack of Town Hall Meeting Concerning Parkway

The township is preparing a request to the New Jersey Turnpike Authority.

Galloway Township Council will take a little more time before it sends its request to the New Jersey Turnpike Authority.

Citing the need for “more polite wording,” council tabled a resolution to request the New Jersey Turnpike Authority to reconsider the proposed Garden State Parkway Interchange 41.

The Turnpike Authority’s proposal is to install , at 41 and 44, and construct a brand new alongside Interchange 41.

But there has been some confusion about some of the details concerning the project.

Access to the Atlantic City Service Area from Jimmie Leeds Road in Galloway will be closed following the completion of the project. However, many residents believe access to the Parkway will be closed altogether from Jimmie Leeds Road, but township, county and state officials have said there will be continued access to the Parkway once the project is finished.

There was also some question recently about whether there would be tolls placed at these interchanges, a rumor that was recently .

“There was a big to-do about the toll plaza, people would call us and we wouldn’t have the answers,” Deputy Mayor Tony Coppola said. “We were out of the loop.”

Township officials feel these misunderstandings wouldn’t be issues had the Turnpike Authority held a town hall meeting in Galloway, as promised at the beginning of the process. However, nearly a year after the project was first proposed, no town hall meeting has been held.

In a letter issued to State Legislators in the Ninth District, which represents Galloway, the Authority stated a publice hearing on the matter is scheduled for July or August.

“The point of a town hall meeting is so the public can have its say," Mayor Don Purdy said. "What sense does it have to have a town hall meeting when the blueprints are already done?”

“When we found out about these interchanges, we were ecstatic,” Coppola said. “But we need to make sure we know what’s happening.”

Council members believe their initial wording for a letter didn’t properly communicate what they wanted to say. A new letter will be drafted, and the discussion will resume at the next council meeting.

JerseyDevil June 29, 2012 at 02:50 PM
It seems to me this issue has been resolved. The map in the article shows the new interchange, the toll issue has been addressed and we won't have access to the service plaza. What will a town hall meeting accomplish? Allow people to vent one more time? A full interchange is needed there and restricting access to the service area could actually be better for local businesses. And some more businesses might pop up nearby. Anybody entering or exiting there will need to find gas, snacks, coffee, a bite to eat locally. An inconvenience may be when you're meeting folks there to follow along to an event or something but on those occasions you get on, go to the next exit, turn around and come back. Locals that work there will also be inconvencienced.


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