Howell Administration Shifts Personnel as Transition Continues

Township Engineer gets new title

By the beginning of next month the transition into the new Municipal Building on Route 9 will be complete with the move of personnel in the Engineering, Planning and Code Enforcement building. 

As part of that shift Bill Nunziato, the Township Engineer will take over as the new Director of Land Use for the retiring Betty Lou Textor. Township Manager Helene Schlegel said the move is being done as part of a continued effort for more efficiency. "The reassignment of the Township Engineer to the position of Director of Land Use affords the township the opportunity to have a qualified individual with institutional knowledge and experience to fill a critical position within the organization, as well as to expand on the duties and responsibilities with that position."

Schlegel said that the day-to-day operations of the departments should not change for residents, but it will help with the township's budget. "The taxpayers will realize a positive savings in the elimination of salary and benefit costs associated with that position," she said. 

In a year where many residents saw their tax bills increase dramatically, Schlegel said the move is another example of work being done to help lessen the tax burden in the future. "The township's reliance on exploring positive and innovative solutions reflects the township's ongoing commitment to reducing costs, maximizing resources and maintaining efficiency without impacting crucial services."

Schlegel also said that Birdsall Engineering will remain as the Director of Community Development. It was reported back in August that several municipalities had been served subpoenas in regards to Birdsall engineering as part of a statewide investigation. 

Despite the investigation Schlegel said she was "not aware of anything that would preclude them from fulfilling their contract with the Township."


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