JCP&L to Perform Aerial Inspections This Week

Helicopters to be used near wires

In an email to residents township officials reported that a company working for JCP&L is scheduled to conduct aerial patrols in the area starting tomorrow. 

Weather permitting Haverfield Co. will be performing an "Annual Supervisory Vegetation Management Aerial Patrol," the email said. The patrols are held from April through September and "cover all transmission facilities system-wide."

The goal of the inpsections is to check the effectiveness from herbicide applications done last year and look for "any conditions warranting further inspection from the ground and/or corrective action," the email continued. 

Haverfield is scheduled to be in the Howell area starting tomorrow and should finish by next Monday. The helicopters travel between 35 and 40 MPH and are commonly seen "above or alongside the lines, and may circle for a closer inspection," the township said. The Haverfield helicopter will be grey with a black bottom and a stripe and a tail number N555JC


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