Marlboro, Colts Neck Post Offices No Longer Sorting Mail

The USPS said services merged to increase financial stability; carriers coming from Freehold.

The Marlboro and Colts Neck Post Offices are no longer homes to mail carriers, as distribution efforts are now merged with the United States Postal Service Freehold location.

Standard customer services, such as stamps, drop-off and pick-up, remain the same in both Marlboro and Colts Neck but mail carriers now begin and end their days in Freehold.

"If you normally received your mail at 10 a.m., you might receive it at 10:15 a.m. because the carrier has to travel a little further," Ray Daiutolo SR, APR at Corporate Communications for USPS said. 

"These are areas where we can control some costs. We have been doing this fairly regularly now for the last year."

Daiutolo said customers shouldn't notice any difference, and were not notified because the change only impacts the back-end of operations. Daiutolo said the Freehold location simply had room to spare for the merge.

Customers in either township who previously noticed sporadic mail may have been impacted by the storm, Daiutolo said. The merge occurred toward the end of October, just before Hurricane Sandy.

"I understand that these complications have abated and operations are returning to normal."

In November, the USPS announced a $15.9 million loss for this fiscal year. Carrier merges allow locations to become more efficient and cost effective, saving money on separate tractor trailer deliveries across the country.

"Our goal is to keep mail relevant, affordable, and growing," Daiutolo said. 

The Morganville Post Office carriers have reported to Englishtown since 2011. The Wickatunk office does not have a carrier operation.

BobbyC November 27, 2012 at 01:31 PM
I wonder, how much would people charge to deliver something across the country? All things considered, I feel you can't beat the cost of postage. However, I still don't see the logic the post office follows when it comes to "free delivery". Anyone can have their mail delivered to their home for free of charge, but if you elect to use a post office box, a rent fee is charged. Considering the cost of maintaining the delivery fleet and the cost of fuel, shouldn't this financial aspect be considered? The other problem that no one speaks of is the crippling cost of pension funds; from what I understand, this is the root of their problem. Much of big business has changed its ways, as many of us realize. Working for large companies doesn't offer the cushy retirement packages our parents/grandparents came to enjoy. The big bonus; the pension for life, that comes as the final reward for years of dedicated service. Come to think of it, where's the years of dedicated service? Any more, there aren't many who make an entire career at one individual company, yet once they leave, they all expect their piece of the pie. Not to mention what corporate leaders expect and receive. Does the word greed come to mind? I believe in employee incentives; a benefit package is certainly one of them. But once an employee retires, how long should they expect to be paid for not working any longer? What's fair and reasonable?
RachelB November 27, 2012 at 06:38 PM
What the latest mail is delivered because we don't get our mail until after 6 most days, now we'll get it later? (Monmouth Heights, off of school road)
edward jagusiak November 28, 2012 at 03:30 AM
Congress mandated the usps to pre fund benefits for the next 75 years. What corporation would ever do that? Forced future bankruptcy in a nutshell.


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