Presidential Debate: Readers React to Obama, Romney

New Jersey Patch sites wrangled political opinions from our readers as we live blogged the first debate.

The first 2012 Presidential Debate may have started light, with President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney sharing a firm handshake and a few jokes. However, the candidates wasted no time focusing on the economic challenges facing Americans, with each contrasting his own vision for the country with his opponent's.

During our live coverage, Patch asked residents around the country to join in the debate through emailing us questions, joining our live blog and tweeting their thoughts with #PatchPolitics. 

Residents around New Jersey joined the lively discussion, as the president and presidential hopeful had at each other in a face-to-face battle of words.

"[Romney] should ask what Obama has done for us in the last 4 years. (sound of crickets)," said Patch reader 'John B'.

Just as the Obama and Romney disagree, our readers were not seeing eye-to- eye on our live blog.

"Romney is gonna set up trade with Latin America because he has sent so many jobs over there with the busineses he owns but yet he doesn't support the immigration laws that Obama has tried to pass...hmmmm??," one reader said.

Many on Twitter pointed to the tone of the debate. While Obama technically held the floor longer, readers pointed out the strength in Romney's voice and the fact that the candidate didn't seem to pull any punches.

"Romney comes across strong and in control," Patch reader 'John B' said in our live blog. "Obama is pandering to the young vote," he later added.

While both candidates frequently ran over their allotted time for question and answer segments, giving moderator Jim Lehrer a difficult job, some readers said Romney's strong voice in the debate was not enough.

"Romney refuses to give details on any plan on any subject," Patch reader 'Tonto' said.

But with the groans and moans from both sides of the aisles heard in our live blog as opponents laid out plans, one Patch reader named Kelly ended our live blogging by saying what many may have been thinking:

"Thank goodness that's over."

Donna Griffin October 09, 2012 at 07:05 PM
Spooner - The jobs are exactly where the elite leftists want them....in government. I never specified that I was speaking about "African Americans" either, but it's interesting that when "poverty" is mentioned your thoughts went in that direction. I, however, do agree that the poverty experienced by incoming immigrants in the 50's and 60's was different than that of Americans who found themselves poor at the same time. Those immigrants did not speak the language so they had an additional cross to bear. Lastly, it is human nature to surround oneself with like-minded people. We do it in our social lives all the time. Obama surrounded himself with interesting "birds of a feather," e.g. Edward Said, Palestinian radical, Roberto Mangabeira Unger, who has called for an alliance among Russia, China, India & Brazil to knock the US down a peg, Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright. I think to disavow himself from these relationships leads me to think Obama views Americans as fools.
Stinki Garbaage October 09, 2012 at 07:35 PM
John Jay, I agree Obama is weakening America on purpose. What I meant was the electorate (at least those that voted for Obama) were experimenting with an unknown Community Organizer/Obscure State Senator/US Senator/Savior/President/Tyrant
John Jay October 09, 2012 at 07:41 PM
I wonder how many millions of voters will send Obama packing?
John Jay October 09, 2012 at 08:12 PM
Obama will be defeated. The real battle will involve removing the cancerous radicals Obama has infected the government with over the past four years.
Berkeley Lifer October 09, 2012 at 08:14 PM


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