Permit Fees Waived in Manchester for Sandy Damage Repairs

Recommendation for municipalities to waive fees came from state agency

Those who sustained damage to their property in Manchester when Hurricane Sandy struck can appeal to waive permit fees for repairs.

Upon the recommendation of the New Jersey Division of Codes and Standards, Manchester's Township Council approved Monday a resolution giving those affected by the devastating storm a means to have permit fees for repairs waived. 

"There are provisions in there for proof and the final say will be with the Construction Official once he's received information in order to waive fees for those permits," said Municipal Clerk Sabina Skibo.

Waivers will be issued on a case by case basis after review, according to the resolution.

Manchester was not as severely impacted by the storm as some neighboring municipalities, though trees are reported to have struck some homes. A Route 571 home, for example, sustained damage after three large trees toppled on to its roof and garage.

Building Department office manager Marianne Borthwick said that some homes have had electrical damage from fallen trees and she expects permit applications "soon" after assessments are made.

At least three homes sustained severe damage, according to township Business Administrator Elena Zsoldos.

In an action unrelated to Sandy, the council also approved a fee waiver for the Manchester Township Volunteer Fire Company for the replacement of the heating unit covering the rental hall, kitchen, bathrooms and original engine bay.

Lori McCutcheon November 16, 2012 at 03:23 PM
I was there Thursday. Saw our house which had 3 ½ feet of water and sludge in it. 1st floor is a total loss but the structure looks good for us. Not like our neighbors. At least 8 houses have been deemed structurally unsound just on our block. We were able to enter them all though. So I hope others can get in theirs and get the things that mean the most to them. I was so impressed with the police, the twp, the FD, salvation Army and everyone lending a hand. The marine police and coast guard were there to protect the island from the waters, and police from all over the country were there to protect the land. It was very secure and well handled. Friendly people and so many people with the same concerns and the same issues all working together to see each other and lend a hand. This is the time to pull together to make new friends, rekindle old ones and work together to bring this community back to where it was but better, stronger and one for all. PLease all stop bickering and count your belssings. YOU ARE ALIVE!!! the rest is just stuff. What's w/ the Surf Club reunion? It may be great time to connect to all the Ortley people to bring us all together to bring this town back and make it whole again. I really think we need to focus on a safe, sound, common community that we all come together for. I love Ortley. Let's work together to make it a better place than ever before. Business should flourish, now ORTLEY is on the map, everyone will know where Ortley is. God Bless!
Fred Morrison November 17, 2012 at 04:06 PM
God bless all the people and volunteers that helped with the storm. Now lets get to business and put this community back in shape. Meanwhile there are about 50 Pine Lake Park property owners who still cant get water permits. facebook.com/insidedvdxpress


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