Point Boro Taxes May Increase by $63 Per Year on Average Home

A public hearing and adoption is scheduled for July 31


Municipal taxes will increase by $63 per year for a Point Borough home with an average assessment of $300,000 if a tentative budget is adopted on July 31.

The Borough Council has introduced a municipal budget, but cannot use it as a spending plan until after holding a public hearing and adopting the proposed budget, which is scheduled for 7 p.m. July 31 at

The proposed budget is subject to change at the July 31 meeting.

If adopted as is, the tax rate would increase from about 38.2 to 40.36 cents per $100 assessed value, which is an increase of 2.16 cents or about 5.6 percent, Maffei said.

The municipal portion of the tax bill on a local home assessed at $300,000 would increase from $1,146 by $63 to $1,209 per year.

The amount to be raised by local taxes would increase from $12,458,569 last year to $13,161,608 this year, which is an increase of $703,039.

The total budget would decrease from $18,439,021 last year to $18,235,039 this year, Maffei said.

The budget the Borough is considering is only for the municipal portion of the overall tax bill paid by Borough taxpayers. The bill will also include the Ocean County and Borough school district taxes.

The Borough Council voted unanimously to introduce the budget at a special meeting on July 2, although Councilmember Chris Leitner had some questions about the current surplus and how much might be generated next year.

Various members of council, including John Wisniewski and Bob Sabosik, had a number of questions about the budget document for Maffei. They had been on the council finance committee that worked on the budget with Maffei and Chief Finance Officer

Leitner said, "We've had budget workshops. It seems like council is not comfortable with the budget. Maybe we should adjourn to have more time to get answers."

Sabosik said, "I'm pretty comfortable."

Councilmember Toni DePaola said, "I think Dave answered the last few questions we have."

Maffei said the state is pressing the Borough to introduce its budget, since this is late in the year to be at this point.

Leitner then said, "I still have some questions about information behind the projections. But I'll vote yes for introduction."

Councilmember Chris Goss was absent.

Regarding the state-mandated 2 percent tax levy cap, the Borough can raise a maximum of $13,391.374.00. However, the Borough is raising $13,161,608.00, which is $229,766 less than what is allowed by the tax levy cap.

Regarding the budget's use of surplus as anticipated revenue, there is about $1.2 million, of the total $1.3 million, being used, compared to no surplus being used last year, Maffei said.

"Last year, we didn't have any surplus because " Maffei said after the meeting. "Some of the surplus receivables due to us have not been collected yet, so we can't use it yet."

compared to none being used in this budget.

The Borough's tax collection rate has improved from 95.5 percent last year to 96.74 percent this year. The reserve for uncollected taxes, which is the amount of money that Borough taxpayers have to pay to compensate for unpaid taxes, decreased from $2,013,864.20 last year to $1,862,257.26 this year.

Opinionated July 10, 2012 at 11:13 PM
Oh Sammy Boy, try reading all of those wonderful articles pertaining to your "paradise". At least my town is not such a shambles that the State Police is being called in. At least the State ABC Director is not checking on the actions of our officials. No one has answered this question yet. How much are you paying in legal bills.?
Peter Hagemeyer July 11, 2012 at 01:30 AM
Rather than praising them for keeping it below the 2% cap, I'd like to challenge them to either reduce it or keep it the same.
Kim July 11, 2012 at 03:00 AM
I am glad you brought this up. If you call the building department about a house that someone is living in but still has no CO and not paying the full property taxes they tell you they close at 4pm so there is no way to find out if they are living there or not because they would have to go at night to see. A good give away is flowers on the decks and porches and cars in the driveway. go after the people that are not paying their taxes look at all the money you could be making. Grow a set and do a sheriff sale get someone in that will pay the taxes!!!! We are loosing serivices like 2 day pick up for garbage in the summer and they don't take everything they used to so we have to go to the dump ourselves but taxes are going up AGAIN!!! Give me a freaking break!!!!!! It's the typical who cares about the people who can't afford it. I can not wait to get out of Point Pleasant and out of NJ. I was born and raised here and I hate this stupid little town. The council doesn't seem to give a crap about the people who do pay their bills!!!!!! Stop punishing the people who do pay their taxes and do your jobs and go after the ones who don't and haven't for years!!!!!!!
Sam July 12, 2012 at 03:07 AM
Spooner, Stop already....That is all you can say is B.S. and innuendos, You are the one who brings attention to yourself with all your comments posting on a town you do not even live in. I do not care about links, I do not even believe them. It is just a bunch of lying nitwits that are promoting their own agendas. You have made continuous comments on the Beach Politics on the Patch. Are you telling me that you never made reference to Barrella? Or Beach taxes on the Patch? You never mentioned that they should not have used the surplus to keep the taxes in the Beach lower. I still do not understand the obsession of a town you do not even live in.
Joe July 14, 2012 at 12:46 AM
Most likely they know someone.


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