Power Back in 24 Hours is a Rumor, Says Mayor Ammiano

JCP&L still reporting that power will be back in seven to ten days from when it originally went out.

Freehold Township Departments have been receiving calls stating that residents believe that the power will be back on within 24-hours in Freehold Township however, that is not true, said Mayor Anthony Ammiano.

Like the rumors of contaminated water in Freehold, this rumor is also false. As originally reported, JCP&L is still on the seven to ten day time line for power restoration in Freehold. Areas of Freehold began to see power today and specific sections have traffic lights back up and running.

Sgt. Ray Piccolini of the Freehold Township Police Department provided an update from JCP&L. Freehold may begin to see some restoration in the coming days, but JCP&L is still sticking to their original time line of seven to ten days. Freehold power restoration depends from scheduling and final assessment from JCP&L line crews. Assessments will take place tomorrow.

To view the number of outages and see how power restoration is going in Freehold visit JCP&L’s outage map.

Andrew Chung-Ying November 01, 2012 at 11:09 PM
What is the 7to 10 days I reference to, Is that pertaining to e actual day of the storm or the day after, or 7 days after this posy
Alli Mechanic November 01, 2012 at 11:36 PM
My understanding is seven to ten days from when the power went out.
Eric November 02, 2012 at 02:17 PM
Why does it take five days from the time of the storm just to begin "assessing" the damage? It's time for JCP&L to stop with the excuses and start restoring power to Freehold Township. Everybody should take notice how NJ Natural Gas has done a great job of keeping the gas flowing by investing in underground infrastructure whereas JCP&L has not.


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