Preparations Continue for Upcoming Storm

Parking on township roads is prohibited during snow events.

Snow is expected to start falling across our area very shortly and last well into tomorrow and preparations are underway at the local and county levels to battle the storm.

Information posted on the township website reminded residents that during a snow event cars cannot be parked on the street or risk receiving a violation of an ordinance. “The parking prohibitions shall remain in effect after the snow has ceased, until all sanding and plowing has been accomplished, and to the extent that parking will not interfere with the normal flow of traffic. This is especially critical in cul-de-sacs.”

According to information from the township depending on the amount of snow the Department of Public Works has the ability to open one lane of traffic in every direction to facilitate travel in the township. “This is done in anticipation of any emergencies that may arise. Then we will go back and plow the snow back to the curb exposing the storm drains. Top priorities during plowing operations are all main and secondary roads first.”

There are three ways residents are encouraged to help during any winter storm. They include avoiding travel unless necessary, not shoveling or blowing snow onto plowed streets and moving all cars off the street. Residents are also encouraged to stockpile food water and medications that should be needed depending on the duration of the storm. “Residents are asked to remain patient,” the website said. “Patience and co-operation from residents will help us conduct a more efficient snow removal.”

At the county level crews have been out on the roads pretreating with a liquid salt brine and rock salt. “Pre-treating the roads is key,” Freeholder Thomas A. Arnone said. “Magnesium chloride-treated rock salt is much more effective and, therefore, there is a savings in man hours and material. We use 30 to 50 percent less material and require less spreading trips, depending on the snow event, for the same result.”

Freeholder Arnone said the county’s snow room is already open and monitoring the track of the storm. There are currently 135 trucks ready to be used for plowing and spreading across the county.

According to the most recent forecast the storm should bring between four and eight inches tonight and an addition inch or two during the day on Friday. The low for tonight is expected to be near 15 degrees and rising to a high of just 18 on Friday. With the wind chill the temperature on Friday could get as low as three degrees below zero and five below on Friday night.


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