State Legislators Decry Failure of Federal Aid Package

Legislators from Monmouth County respond to the House of Representative's failure to pass Sandy aid bill

Senate and Assembly Republican legislators representing Monmouth County municipalities devastated by Superstorm Sandy issued the statement below in response to the House of Representative’ failure to take action on a $60.4B Sandy aid package.

They include Senators Joseph Kyrillos, Jennifer Beck, Sam Thompson and Robert Singer; Assemblywomen Mary Pat Angelini, Caroline Casagrande and Amy Handlin, and Assemblymen Declan O’Scanlon, David Rible, Sean Kean, Ron Dancer and Rob Clifton. Here is the statement as released in its entirety:

“We are appalled at the House of Representatives’ decision to not take action on the Sandy aid package that is so vital to our recovery efforts. Residents and businesses at the Jersey Shore are in dire need of assistance as they try to recover from this historic and unprecedented storm which has adversely affected so many lives.

“Kicking this can down the road is absolutely unacceptable and shows utter contempt and a disturbing lack of compassion for the thousands of our residents and businesses who, in many cases, have lost everything and continue to endure unspeakable hardship. 

“The House’s failure to act at all is as unconscionable as was their earlier efforts to significantly reduce the amount of federal emergency aid. Their lack of action is shameful and inexcusable.”

Governor Christie held a news conference Wednesday afternoon to express his outrage at the “continued inaction and indifference by the House of Representatives” to act on the desperately needed aid package.

Paul Schlaflin January 03, 2013 at 06:51 PM
What we have is a bunch of legislators grabbing headlines, exploiting the despair of the citizens they are suppoed to stand up for! Not one is complaining about the $9 billion in pork added by the pigs..Alaskan fisheries, new roof for the Smithstonian, clean ups where no storm hut...are you kidding me, only $9 billion is for imediate aid. Further more what is keeping so many homeless or living in damaged homes with no heat isn't this rubbish bill being passed or not, it is the FEMA demands regarding the raising of homes,many of which never saw water before. Too bad there isn't enough backbone in elected office in aggregate here in NJ to stand up to FEMA and say NO, grandma gets to make repairs and live ion her house with heat and a way to cook, deed restricted so a new owner has to raise it before a CCO is issued. Don't kid yourself,none of the shore''s elcted "leaders care beyond "how many votes will this get me". Pallone..who championed himself as the savior of the shore can't be reached. He is mute absent media coverage. What you can expect is them all lined up, big phoney grins, to cut the ribbons for multi-million dollar condos where the working poor they now ignore once lived. It happened in every state Katrina hit, it is happening here, your are witnessing the groundwork now.
Debra January 04, 2013 at 03:56 PM
The U.S. House of Representatives voted authorizing insurance companies to raise their rates to homeowners based on the new FEMA maps. This means that starting in 2014, modest homeowners will see their flood insurance premiums jump from $2,500 to $10,000 annually. Even before that increase hits, homeowners are in a hopeless battle with their municipalities over property taxes on homes their families can not occupy for an untold number of years. We have been told by our elected officials that we are on our own. Many of us have been denied any aid for temporary housing, both from our insurance companies as well as FEMA. Many of us are not Grandma living at the shore in a home already paid for. Many of us are modest working class homeowners paying a mortgage and raising children. We know we are being exploited.
Paul Schlaflin January 04, 2013 at 07:42 PM
Debra Thanks for sharing..these folks, our "leaders" are clueless as to the realities the Sandy victims are living through. Of course you can't learn too much showing up in the disaster areas only long enough for a photo op. So far the only one I've spoken to that cares enough to get involved is Troy Singleton from Burlington County. Not one of the shore's legislators have been responsive. Pallone is AWOL regarding the failure of FEMA.


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