Hearing on Taylor Lane Development At Middletown Planning Board Dec. 5

American Properties at Middletown of Iselin will present their project "Heritage at Middletown."

A public hearing is scheduled tonight for a proposed housing project to be situated on 31 acres adjacent to Route 35 South, on both sides of Taylor Lane in Middletown. 

A portion of the heavily wooded parcel is zoned for multi-family housing. Most of the land is in Middletown, and some of it is in Holmdel Township. The property is owned by Harry Swartz, M.D. and Renee Swartz of Rumson and Joseph Becker, with a postal address in New York.  

According to documents at the Middletown Planning Office, the proposed use of the land is for 196 market-rate multifamily "stackable townhomes" and 49 affordable multifamily "flat" units, along with a 3,600 square foot clubhouse and a pool for the community.  

The 196 market rate townhomes are envisioned to be 98 3-bedroom units, ranging from 1350 to 2,100 square feet.

Each of the 196 townhomes is designed to have a driveway and a one car garage attached to its respective unit. In addition the 196 garages, and driveways, the applicant says there will be an additional 206 surface parking areas for a total of 598 parking spaces. 

The townhomes, affordable flats, clubhouse and all parking, right-of-ways and stormwater treatment facilities account for 16.18 acres. There will be 14.83 to remain as open space. 

A major component of this proposed development is the reconfiguration of that section of Route 35 South, which can become knotted up at peak hours.

Taylor Lane currently runs from Devonshire Court and travels directly North into a jughandle that is connected to Route 35 Southbound. Taylor Lane connects with a jughandle at the bend, which is no longer considered acceptable practice by Dept. of Transportation standards.

The applicant is proposing a realignment of the northern portion of Taylor Lane to run directly across from Cherry Tree Farm Road, and to make all traffic light, jughandle and turn signal improvements as required by the DOT. The realignment of Taylor Lane is consistent with the recommendation of Middletown's most recent Master Plan, the applicant says. 

All traffic in and out of the development will be consistent with a multifamily residential development. 

Middletown Township Planner Jason Greenspan said it is not yet known whether the developer intends to offer the housing units for sale or for rent. 

The Middletown Township Planning Board meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. in Town Hall. This application is scheduled to be the last agenda item for the evening, though that may change. The agenda is attached to this article. 

Valerie December 05, 2012 at 04:05 PM
Build, build, build. More traffic, pollution, loss of open space, loss of wildlife and overpopulation. Sad. I guess we won't stop until everything is destroyed.
NJarhead December 05, 2012 at 04:20 PM
Leave the dang alignment of Cherry Tree Farm Road, the jug handle and Taylor Lane the heck alone!! In fact, go build this crap elsewhere. We have enough residents in Middletown!
Dave December 05, 2012 at 05:36 PM
Hopefully everyone turns out tonight to fight this down so the Planning Board rejects it. They have till the middle of January to do so.
commonman December 05, 2012 at 07:24 PM
and forget about driving on RT 35 absolute fing disaster i refuse to shop there i will drive miles away speend more money to avoid that hell road between the amount of traffic the amount of traffic lights jug handles my god takes me hours to run to couple of stores i refuse to do it anymore seriously considering selling my house after 14 years to get out of this poorly run town


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