Trump Gets Helistop at Golf Course After Colts Neck Loses Appellate Decision

Colts Neck Township lost its appeal in state court on Wednesday.

Donald Trump can now land his helicopter in Colts Neck, after a state appellate court granted the golf course owner and real estate mogul a restricted-use license to build and run a helistop at Trump National. 

The battle between Trump and Colts Neck Township has been in court since 2011, when the township denied a variance application before the Zoning Board, leading Trump to apply directly to the county and the Department of Transportation for a variance.

Calls to Colts Neck Township and to Trump National Golf Course were not returned in time for publication.

The DOT conditional use permit says the helipad can only be used by Donald Trump, his family, or a designee, with only 48 non-emergency landings per year. Colts Neck challenged the permit in April of this year.

In an opinion from the State Appellate Court, judges point to the county planning board decision to allow the helipad. 

A township zoning ordinance created after Trump's application now prohibits the construction and use of helipads, due to the "rural character of the area."

In the spring, a State Superior Court ruled that the township zoning board was within its rights to deny the application at a local level.

The township then appealed the DOT's decision to grant a license to Trump.

The appeal also alleged that the DOT failed to provide information to local residents and authorities about the helipad application and license.

But the State Appellate Court found the DOT had significant findings and evidence to back up a decision to grant a restricted use license to Trump.

It further state that residents who made written complaints about the application had no significant personal property interest in the case, and would not be directly impacted by the helipad.

"There was sufficient, credible evidence in the record to support the [DOT] decision to grant Trump's application for a Helistop-Restricted Use license," the decision stated.

The helipad will in the middle of Trump National, north of its clubhouse and according to the court decision will be designed to look like grass. The primary path of transportation will take Trump's helicopter over Route 18 and U.S. Naval Weapons Station Earle.

Patch will update this story if the township or golf course comments on the matter.

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rob February 28, 2013 at 07:12 AM
Trump purchased a bankrupt and poorly run facility and turned it into a really upscale course. It was an eyesore that was in seriously bad shape and now it has added value to the homes surrounding it and is kept in great condition as all his courses are. Colts Neck benefitted more than they realize. He also pays taxes to the town and sales tax to the state every year. Stop looking in the pockets of really talented people who have the ability to do something others can't. Choppers fly over my home every day and I live in CN. I thank him for investing here and not somewhere else.
NJarhead February 28, 2013 at 03:46 PM
That pad is actually west of Pier Side Earle. If you're so sure you're flying in Navy Airspace (and you fly it so often) the next time you do it, snap a photo, post it on snap fish and share it with us. There is no way a civilian helicopter can fly over a military installation without permission and certainly not a daily flight plan. Also, since this is Colts Neck, I was assuming they meant Main Side in Colts Neck where there are acres up acres of ammo dumps. I have two things over you my friend: I'm in the aviation industry and I am a veteran.
NJarhead February 28, 2013 at 04:41 PM
You can also tell your Chief Pilot that he's not supposed to be transcending a security zone. Let me know what he says. I'm guessing it'll be something along the lines of, "we're not." He can also show you the Jeppeson chart which will illustrate the restricted airspace for you. The possibilities for your education here are endless. BTW - My experience, no matter how abundant or not, is more than you have. I base my statements on a frame of reference. You base yours on an uninformed opinion. Just because you can see Earle from the air, doesn't mean you're flying in their air space.
NJarhead February 28, 2013 at 05:43 PM
I think we can all see who is living in the fantasy world there Mr. Tool. Careful not so spill the CEO's coffee sweetie.
Kaitlyn Anness March 01, 2013 at 01:06 PM
Marlboro Mann--Colts Neck elected officials spent almost a year fighting this at the state level, after rejecting it at the local level.


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