Warehouse Project Has Concerned Neighboring Howell Officials

Project targeting tract at Belmar Boulevard and Birdsall Road straddles Wall and Howell townships

A project that calls for the construction of seven warehouse buildings on a Belmar Boulevard parcel in the extreme west of the township has raised the attention and concern of neighboring Howell Township’s deputy mayor.

The applicant, ASP Wall LLC, wants to build an 80,000-square-foot warehouse building, and six 15,000-square-foot buildings — a total of 170,000 square feet of buildings — along with associated parking, drainage and utility facilities on a tract at Belmar Boulevard and Birdsall Road. A portion of the property is located in Howell.

The first hearing of the project was held Monday at the Planning Board’s regular meeting. The presentation exceeded the 50-minute time limit. Another meeting was scheduled for December.

Howell’s deputy mayor, William Gotto, said he’d like to have Howell’s Planning Board also hear the proposal, since its impact would largely be felt by Howell residents.

“I think anytime a project straddles two communities, both Planning Boards should have a chance to review it,’’ Gotto said.

All construction for the warehouse project would be within the boundaries of Wall, according to the plans, but Howell would provide water and sewer service.

The buildings would be used for warehouse and office space, divided approximately 75 percent warehouse and 25 percent office. The applicant is seeking a number of setback and other variances from the board in order to build the project.

The proposal asks the board to approve two waivers from constructing an acceleration lane on Belmar Boulevard for sites that generate substantial traffic. Other waivers deal the placement and width of driveways.

Gotto said he attended Monday’s hearing, not as an objector, but just to be aware of the project and its potential impact on his town.

He’d like to see the Belmar Boulevard plan reviewed by the Howell Township engineering department, if not a preliminary review by that town’s Planning Board. He said he planned to bring up the topic to Howell’s governing body.

“I’d rather be proactive,’’ Gotto said. “Rather than let it go and discover 10 years from now that there was a problem.’’

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