What's Open, What's Closed in Brick for Columbus Day?

Brick municipal offices, public works, post office all closed Monday

Government offices, courts, schools, post offices and many banks will be closed on Monday for the Columbus Day holiday.

  • All county facilities other than parks will be closed.
  • All branches of the Ocean County Library are open today.
  • Brick Schools are not in session today.
  • The post office is closed today.
  • Brick's trash and recycling pickup is cancelled on Monday. If your collection day falls on one of these days or after, your recycling and garbage will be collected one day later. This will follow through for the whole week, until Friday's collections are completed on the next day, Saturday.
  • Town hall is closed but municipal parks are open.
  • The NJ Motor Vehicle Commission offices, inspection stations and testing centers are closed Columbus Day.
Can't handle the truth October 09, 2012 at 01:22 AM
another holiday that should be eliminated. unnecessary. and costly. added to all the other benefits. can't afford it anymore . who cares its been a holiday since 1937. so what. needs to be abolished .
Can't handle the truth October 09, 2012 at 01:24 AM
Hug a garbage man for what. I supply his paycheck thats more then enough.
1955 south? October 09, 2012 at 12:34 PM
While Iam of Italian heritage, I do not think anyone should be off for Columbus day..he was horrible to the Indians ( native americans ) that were here ...the reason that this became a Natl. holiday was to get the Italian votes during an election, As a country, personally I think 9/11 should be a day of observance, its the day the World changed, & affected everyone, though the saddest day we all went threw, its also a time to reflect on how we all came together, for a short time we were United, & year after year.... its not any easier to funtion that day, for most of use we spend a good have of it remembering where were, still in shock & can barely talk about it, & IF we can, not able to do without tears & emotion...I think its a day we all need to STOP, pray, reflect , have memorials Thank all those that ran in & never came out... & maybe all remember how we all came together ..
none of yobusiness October 09, 2012 at 01:19 PM
1955 south? I have to ask, if we dont celebrate Columbus Day for your listed reason then why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? The English settlers killed and enslaved Indians also. Or how about Washingtons Birthday (made to honor our founding father, who grew marijuana (Washington today would go to jail for doing so). He also owned African slaves,yet we honor him. Columbus brought European settlers to America along with a slew of other things that were good. My personal favorite is he brought the tomato to Europe. Yes thats right tomatoes are from North America. Imagine Italians without tomatoes. For me its hard to do. But before Columbus they didnt exist in Europe. So next time you take a bite of that pizza or have some pasta with any kind of tomato sauce or gravy think of Columbus.
1955 south? October 09, 2012 at 02:58 PM
correct I think Prez day off is just another day for teachers & Grmt. to have have a day off. Thanksgiving while there were a lot of negative behavior, they also came together , Marijuana was used for medical reasons then ( as was cocaine) NOT only did he bring tomatoes he also brought tobacco, which seems to be a worse habit/tabow now than marijuana ... personally I can take or leave having tomatoes.. While I do have them Not something I miss or couldn't live without. My point was Presidents day, Columbus day are just days for sales & Gvmt to close down( most people DO work on these day & have to figure out where they're young kids are going while they are at work) 9/11 is a much more significant day in history that affected Everyone, & maybe for you its just another day, but for most find it extremely difficult to work that day


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